Explore the Main Selling Points of Smart Refrigerators

Modern refrigerators are made to have functional advances such as multiple doors, ice and water dispensers, as well as new era finishes. But, manufactures have improved the old family iceboxwith smart refrigerators and designs. The main two selling points of these models are advanced energy efficiency and an entertainment/convenience component. Keep reading to learn how these upgrades can make buying a smart fridge a wise decision:

Energy-Efficiency Upgrades

A fridge runs round-the-clock and accounts for around 5$ of your home’s yearly energy consumption. An energy-efficient fridge can save 10% over a non-efficient model. Some of today’s fridges are made even more energy-efficient through the development of linear compressors.

 Conventional compressors are the main component that keeps the fridge cold and this has been the case for more than four decades with oil being the main lubricant source. But, new linear compressors use a fridge gas for cooling the air, lubricating the compressor, and eliminating the need for oil. In addition, the new compressor’s size is so small that it can be placed anywhere in the fridge. This has made it possible for manufacturers to produce fridges in new shapes and sizes.

Entertainment Options

With the latest smart technological advances, the ordinary-looking fridge has been turned into something out of a sci-fi movie that offers an element of entertainment or convenience to your appliance.

LG lrfws2200s has a Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen that lets you manage your groceries, send notes to your family members, sync everybody’s personal calendar, display photos, and play your favourite movies, TV shows, and music. It has built-in cameras that take photos whenever the doors are closed. You can greatly benefit from this feature if you cannot recall if you are low on some items while you are at the supermarket.

However, the most appealing features of this smart fridge is the entertainment options. It can be programmed to play your favourite stations or YouTube channels, which are awesome accompaniments while you are preparing meals.

Improved Conveniences

The smart fridge from LG comes with a stainless steel finish that is fingerprint- and smudge-resistant. You can easily wipe it with a soft, dry cloth for easy care that handles real-life environments. Its free-standing design provides simple installation for a quicker, easier way to update your kitchen. Its external water dispenser allows you to easily fetch a cool, crisp glass of water. With the SmartPull handle, you can easily open and close the freezer door.