Read to Know A Few Do’s and Don’ts If Your Home Is Infested by Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants can destroy your home if you do not take timely action as soon as you notice their presence at home. They can make their nests easily in any damp or dead wood and then create tunnels and can easily navigate on the wooden structure. Though carpenter ants are quite small in size, the damages they cause may not be too small.

You must get in touch with a nearby pest control company for traitement pour fourmis à l’intérieur (English Meaning is indoor ant treatment) immediately so that you can protect your home.

Following are a few do’s and don’ts that you must be aware of if you find their presence in your home.

Do the following:

  • Get carpenter ant baits

As a short-term measure, you can buy baits for these ants that can attract them. This will not destroy them, but will draw their attention from your home temporarily.

  • Identify the type

It is first necessary to identify the type by closely observing them. Usually, such ants are black with segmented bodies. They will measure between ¼” to 5/8”. They are a bit different from termites.

  • Seal off all the entries

You must immediately seal off all possible entries of the home like any cracks or holes that you can find on your wall.

  • Call a pest control professional

Your next action will be to get in touch with any nearby pest Control Company as DIY methods cannot help you to eradicate them.

Don’t do the following:

  • Ignore them

It will be a big mistake on your part to underestimate their capability to damage all your wooden furniture and furnishing items. So, if you notice even a couple of them moving around you must be alert.

  • Rely only on your DIY methods

Many people often try to spray certain common insecticides and think that they can be easily managed. However, they usually form their colony in a very short time.

  • Not calling any pest control professional

Only professional treatment can eradicate them so you should not wait too long to call them.

  • Not sealing their entry

You must try to seal every possible entry for them immediately after you notice their presence.

Once carpenter infests in your home then there is very little that you can do to eradicate them. So, it is always better to call a nearby pest control professionals.