Why is the kitchen the most popular room in the house?

If you own your own home, it’s highly possible that you’ve considered upgrading parts of it, especially if it was old when you purchased it.

The way we live seems to be changing faster than ever. On top of these societal trends, the specific point in your life also determines how you utilise your home and what your priorities are. Whether you’re a young adult in their first home, or a new parent, or a retiree, your needs will be different.

With the rise of Covid-19 throughout 2020, many countries have put their population into some form of lockdown or isolation for varying periods of time. With this forced time spent at home, all of a sudden there has been a huge spike to near 99% of time indoors, and many people have come to the realisation of what they like or don’t like about their home.

Funnily enough, there is always one consistency when it comes to upgrading your home. That the kitchen should be a priority.

There are several reasons the kitchen is the most important room in the house:

  • It is the centre of your day to day activities
  • You prepare (and possibly consume) multiple meals a day
  • It acts as a loading dock of sorts, for groceries, mail and other items
  • It is a likely storage hub with so many cupboards and shelves
  • It’s a place for entertaining (or just having a chat)

So, when you’re looking to make improvements to the family home, you really should start here.

What can you do to make your home more liveable?

Many homes designs have moved to a more open plan, with internal walls being removed where possible make your kitchen, lounge and dining room into one large versatile space. The space created by removing these walls gives the feeling like your house is larger by maximising the use of space, as well as improved natural light.

The flow through between these areas will allow you significantly upgrade your kitchen as well. Having additional bench space to work on for meal preparation as well as the ability to manoeuvre around your oven and stove safely as well as a sink big enough to wash bulky items.

An average time a person would spend at home via a breakdown by rooms shows that close to 35% of their time is in their kitchen or main living area. So, what can you do to your kitchen to improve it?

There has also been a large shift towards in making your home more intelligent with devices such as smart fridges, TV’s and ovens. Some of these can even learn your standard use patterns and are significantly more efficient in their power use compared to outdated models which are ten or more years old. These are some of the many trends revolutionising kitchens.

With regards to return on investment, an upgraded kitchen and living area can bring a significant increase in your properties overall value, depending on how it is designed as well as the size and location of your home. While it’s never smart to over-invest, A simple kitchen make over can easily increase the value of your home, and when you come to the time when you decide to sell make it more appealing to prospective buyers.

As time progresses this electric battery technology is only going to become more efficient, cost effective and popular with consumers, so there’s never a guaranteed right or wrong time to invest, as long as you can afford the cost. So, what are you waiting for?