Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling was quite popular in the Halton Region (and the greater North American market) around 1930 – 1980 before developed countries started phasing out the ones made with asbestos. This type of ceiling is also known as stucco, acoustic, or textured ceiling.

It offered an easy way to conceal imperfections such as a low-grade repair job, scuff, and cracks. Leveling and painting drywall surfaces is daunting and time-consuming… Popcorn ceiling was the cure.

Asides from that, it comes with the ability to absorb sound and control the reflection of noise to a great extent. High traffic areas in different homes often benefit from this feature. Popcorn ceilings could also fire resistant and contain insulating properties.

The benefits of keeping textured ceilings may have a certain appeal, but there are plenty more reasons to hire someone to help you with popcorn ceiling removal.

Why you Need to Schedule Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Oakville, Ontario

Although we’ve mentioned the benefits of the popcorn ceiling, it’s risky to overlook the downsides of this retro ceiling finishing. Popcorn ceilings usually come with different issues. Here are the top reasons why you need to remove them.

1.     Reduce the Risk of Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos served as a binding agent in popcorn ceiling mixture in the past. Most of the popcorn ceilings manufactured before 1980 contained this substance. Despite the banning by the Clean Air Act, manufacturers still had the chance to sell the materials they had already produced.

Asbestos poses a serious health risk. If your ceiling is in good shape, you may decide to remove it later because there is no risk of inhaling asbestos yet.

2.     Improved Lighting & Room Brightness

Without mincing words, popcorn ceiling can have an impact on the lighting of your space. It tends to bounce off light due to its bumpy surface, which can cast dark shadows around. This can prevent you from achieving a relaxing and balanced setting when decorating your home.

It may be daunting to get the desired effect unless you invest in the right lighting option. Your best bet is to find a reputable popcorn ceiling removal specialist for a cool upgrade and immediately see brighter and more vibrant rooms.

3.     Update the Look & Value of Your Home in Oakville

Every factor plays a major role in the outcome of your space. Given this, you need to get rid of the popcorn ceiling if you want a modern look in your home. It doesn’t matter if you invest in the latest furniture and technology, a popcorn ceiling will keep your home in the dark (in more ways than one!).

Taking the step of removing the popcorn ceiling will make a huge difference and transform your home.

4.     Maintenance

Cleaning a house is no easy task, especially if you’re taking a manual approach. Adding popcorn ceiling maintenance to your tasks can be overwhelming and unnecessary.

Popcorn ceilings attract dust and dirt over time, which is usually unsightly. Another thing is that the ceiling will start breaking off if you handle it roughly. If it’s difficult to keep up with polishing and dusting your ceiling, don’t hesitate to remove it, and save yourself the burden.

Even though the process of removing textured ceilings will be messy initially, you only need to clean your home thoroughly once it’s over… However, the best popcorn removal companies will take care of all of the debris and mess when they’re finished the job. Isn’t that way easier!?

Water damage such as leaks can lead to the peeling of the popcorn ceiling. This type of ceiling isn’t ideal for areas with high moisture content like the kitchen or bathroom.

5.     Worsen Allergies

Popcorn ceiling isn’t designed to last for a lifetime. It will disintegrate sooner or later, even if you try to maintain it. White flecks released from the ceiling won’t only damage certain surfaces but can also aggravate allergens, and generally just become a regular nuisance.

More so, the crannies of popcorn ceiling trap pollutants, which is difficult to eliminate.

6.     Discoloration

Your popcorn ceilings will discolor as time goes on. This can be a big issue for homeowners who frequently try their best to maintain a clean home. Find a better ceiling option instead of revamping it with a fresh coat of paint each time you face this issue.  Smooth that ceiling out with the help of a local Oakville stucco contractor!

Chances are you’ll eventually end up with a bright and fresh-looking space.

7.     Boost Property Value

Truth be told, popcorn ceilings are a major turn-off to the 21st-century homebuyers in Oakville, Ontario. It gives homes a dated effect, which can lower their value. Typically, most people moving into a new home in the Halton Region will seek to remove any textured ceiling. Set yourself and your home apart by removing in advance of your home sale. Not only are you saving the future owner work, but your rooms will appear brighter and more spacious, as mentioned earlier.

You may be lucky enough to sell or rent your unit quickly but may be offered less than what it’s worth. This is because most prospective buyers or rentees will factor in the cost of the popcorn ceiling removal.

Is it Safe to Remove Popcorn Ceiling Without Professional Help?

Patching rarely fixes damage on popcorn ceilings, unlike other types of ceilings. You’ll have to redo the entire ceiling as it can be impossible to get the exact sample of the original texture.

Handling popcorn ceiling removal is time-consuming and requires lots of tools and equipment. It’s imperative to adhere to safety precautions before you start the process.

It’s not advisable to remove the popcorn ceiling yourself, whether it’s just a single room or the entire house.  You’ll likely skip certain steps if you’re not a professional, and these mistakes can be costly and lead to bigger problems down the road.

Bear in mind that going the DIY route can lead to other issues, and you may likely spend more correcting them. Popcorn ceiling removal services are not expensive, but some factors will influence the cost of your services. For instance, the number of rooms with this ceiling and type of damage, and whether or not the textured surface has been painted.

Once you’re ready to take this step, the experts will help you test for asbestos to be on the safer side. Besides, they will take the necessary steps to avoid cross-contamination.

Factors to Consider

These tips will help you choose the best popcorn ceiling removal specialist in Oakville, Ontario, and the surrounding Halton Region including Burlington, Milton, and also Mississauga.

·        Check Credentials

Try to learn more about the credentials of the preferred popcorn removal company before entrusting your project to them. You must also confirm that they are licensed, have WSIB insurance, and any other trust building assets (Google reviews are really telling), speaking of which:

·        Evaluate Reviews

Google Reviews are one of the fastest methods of getting a read on how good a company is. Since companies cannot tamper with this review system, you are seeing a true and natural result for how a company performs. Looks for indicators about price, speed of service, and general positive sentiment!

Alternatively, you can ask for a few references to have a glimpse of what to expect.

·        Consider Price

Every homeowner wants to get quality popcorn ceiling removal service at a reasonable price. However, it’s not always a smart move to use price alone as a yardstick. You can ask for a quote from different specialists to arrive at an option that will fit your requirements and budget.

As you search for the best option, choose a company that offers other services like drywall repairs, pot light installation, and crown moldings. This is a perfect way to save money even if you don’t need such services immediately.

·        Standard Customer Service  

This is another factor you must prioritize when choosing a popcorn ceiling removal company in Oakville. Look out for a contractor with excellent customer service (read the reviews) so that you can leverage it if you’re not satisfied with the information on their website.

A reliable popcorn ceiling removal specialist will communicate the timeline for your project. Apart from that, they should be ready to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. This is the key to getting a customized solution for your home, and that will lead to brighter rooms, higher resale values, and overall better air quality!

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