Bathroom Decoration Ideas for Your Newly Acquired Apartment

The bathroom is an integral aspect of any home. It’s where you groom and pamper yourself after a hectic day. Even if you have rented a modern apartment with the best amenities, I presume you still want to up your decor to match your taste. Seeking ways to give your bathroom that distinctive look? There are various ways of making your bath space relaxing with a touch of personal taste and style.

  1. Fix some mirrors!

Mirrors are charming ways of maximizing the light in your bathroom. They also create the illusion of space, making your bathroom look spacious. Put a few mirrors of all lengths in your room; the larger the mirrors, the better. They will dramatically transform the look and double your space. For excellent results, hang a beautiful piece of art on the wall and enjoy your grooming sessions each morning.

  1. Change the shower curtain& towels

Apartments like BRIO at the Rose Apartments in Broken Arrow offer the most modern amenities. These include hardwood flooring, granite countertops, and dark wood cabinets. But, you still need a few accessories to complete the look. Choose a color and design that looks good in your bathroom. Match this with the paint on your bathroom walls. If you have limited space, go for bright colors to make your room appear larger.

For the towels, acquire high-quality fabrics, and match the color shade to the shower curtain. Roll a few extra towels in a small decorative basket and place them on the floor. Match the bathroom rugs with the towel color for a more striking look.

  1. Be creative with color

Using the right colors can transform your bathroom into a bright yet beautiful space. If your bathroom looks dull or the choice of color isn’t as attractive as you would wish, apply a fresh coat of bright hues to create a dramatic effect.

Avoid dark colors and go for blue hues. Blue is perfect for bathrooms and creates that calm feeling, thus enhancing your bath experience. However, not all landlords will allow you to alter the paint on the walls. To avoid trouble, talk to the landlord about this or check the terms in the lease agreement.

  1. Upgrade your fittings

Change the bathroom fittings fixtures. Spruce your bathroom with elegant lighting fixtures and use your lights to create a focal point. Add other accessories like scented candles, tissue holders, soap dispensers, paintings, and small figurines.

  1. 5. Declutter!

A disorganized bathroom looks drab, so get rid of things that you no longer use. Also, be on the lookout for anything lying in the bathroom that belongs to other rooms. Limit the number of accessories in your bath space and arrange them appropriately. Use the shelves and don’t leave things lying on the floor. Moreover, choose the right furniture and avoid those bulky pieces.

Final thoughts

Adorning your apartment bathroom is an easy task if only you know how to go about it. You don’t need many accessories to achieve a striking look. Be creative and choose the right fixtures and materials that reflect your personal taste.

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