The Best Way To Solve Your Drainage Problems!

There is a lot of water that goes in and out of our house every day. For this reason, the drainage system is critical for your home to function properly. Any problems in drainage can cause huge problems in daily life. Leaky pipes, no water flowing, smelly drains, are all issues that come from drainage faults. But not all of us are plumbing experts that can identify and diagnose problems in our drains. This is where the technology of drain survey comes in. You can check up on the condition of every single pipe in your house, without dismantling the entire machinery and giving yourself a headache. This work is usually done by professional plumbers, but using a CCTV drain survey is an easy, quick, and hassle free method.

Here are all ways that survey solves your problems:

·       Bad Pipes:

Water is filled with a lot of other minerals as well, such as iron and sulfur. These minerals have the effect of corroding or rusting the metal pipes over time. Not only can this lead to a drop in the quality of water, but can also introduce a lot of toxic metal particles. Rusted pipes are also problematic because they might start leaking due to poor structural integrity. Drain surveys can help find out any forms of rusting and corrosion damage to your pipes.

·       Rat Problems:

Pipelines are the most common way that rats and other rodents enter the house. Using a CCTV drain survey helps us find out the dwelling spots of rats. This is an urgent health hazard because rats carry a variety of germs and bacteria with them. If they pollute the water in the pipe or enter into our houses, they can seriously injure our health.

·       Leakages and Blockages:

Several times, there might be a leakage in the drainage system that is causing all the water to flow away. This not only leads to a drop in water pressure and availability but also a sheer wastage of precious water. Identifying leakages allows us to quickly isolate the specific pipes and mend them. Similarly, a lot of times, waste material gets collected in pipes and clogs up the water flow. This too can cause problems in water availability and can be easily found out using CCTV drainage surveys.

The technology of CCTV is helping the plumbing world solve very difficult problems. Having a pair of eyes in real-time, anywhere, anytime, aids the maintenance and repair of every house’s drainage systems.

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