The Developmental Project that assures your fun-time

Canninghill square is the kind of place you want to live and boast of. In the perfect location with the right kind of developer thinking to make your life a pleasant one in fordable prices is presented by Canninghill square.


Canninghill square is located right alongside the riverbanks of the famous Singapore River, Clarke Quay. Gives you the feel that dates back to the colonial era is the stunning Canninghill square with its outstanding architecture. The Canninghill square city developments limited placed it right in the heart of the city which gives you a stunning transformation in the night when the night clubs open the door for the exotic night life of the city. Hence, you get it all, from colonial times to the modern hype.

Canning Hill square integrated development has grew up in a location suitable for working and staying home people. It is an outstanding place for constructing your hotel for tourists visiting Singapore would love to get the vibe Singapore actually offers. These places give you an experience of buzzing life and happiness. This place is awake from dawn to dusk. This place is near to some age old iconic restaurants and night clubs which cater the needs of party girls and adventurers and explorers from all walks of life.

The Singapore River can be considered to be one of the main elements which encouraged the development of the project. If your adventure side gives you a little trigger you can go on to the bum boats which are often docked unsold their exotic offerings for Commerce and trade. You can hop onto them and take a ride of the Singapore River visiting some memorable landmarks. Staying in Canning Hill square will give you an experience that you would love to relieve.

The project site is located near numerous shopping arrays. Thus, this place has the nightlife you will adore. Attica and Zouk, Considered to be one of the biggest nightclubs of Singapore are located absolutely near Canning Hill square. For music lovers of the electronic and hip hop genres this place is a must stop with F. Club welcoming you with its amazing decadent interiors.


Canning Hill square gives you a variety of prices depending on the location:

  • Sims drive: it has a gross floor area of 5,23,753 square feet, per square feet per plot ratio of $732 psf ppr and has a successful bid price of $383,500,000.
  • Sims urban oasis: It has a highest transacted selling price for the last 12 months as $1740.
  • Tre Residences: it has a highest transacted selling price for the last 12 months as $1715.

Thus, Canninghill square price has an estimated selling price of:

Land Cost = $732

Construction Cost (estimate)= $350

Profit Margin + Other expenses= $324

Estimated Launch Price=  $1406

For site floor plans under the Canning Hill square development project you can visit their website

Project developer

The scanning Hill square project developers are:

City developments limited (CDL)

CapitalLand limited (CapitalLand)

Ascott residence trust (Ascott Reit)

Meta description

Canninghill square does is the right site be it location price or its developers. Keeping your experiences in mind this project shall give you the site of Singapore you never had experienced.

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