Fireplace Trends That You Should Try for Your Home

No matter what time of the year, a fireplace is a cozy, beautiful addition to any home. Adding it into any commercial or residential space will make an important functional and decorative focal point. To create the perfect centerpiece, you will need to pick the best fireplace designs to suit your preferences and taste.

As fireplaces are becoming all the rage, architects and interior designers are coming up with new designs. They are also incorporating both contemporary and traditional aesthetics. From seamless linear fireplaces to dramatic wall fireplaces, various trends are transforming simple spaces into elegant and homey ones. Here are some of the current favorite trends.

1.Frameless fireplaces

Indoor linear fireplaces from fireplace store Sacramento are among the most sought-after trends. Frameless linear gas or wood fireplaces are being used to light up rooms giving a modern contemporary aesthetic. They are easy to understand and what makes them so trendy is their signature clean, sharp edges. These fireplaces are often surrounded by tile, stone, or marble. They can also be designed as see-through tunnels or classic single-sided ones. If you want to try innovative technology for your home, you can integrate your frameless fireplace with a home automation system. This will make it much easier to use.

Designers are also updating more traditional fireplaces into indoor linear ones by incorporating sleek, contemporary finishes. Monochromatic elements and colors are a significant aesthetic in this trend.

2.Corner fireplaces

Another major trend in home designs is installing corner fireplaces. Most times, they are combined with a linear design. This design is especially suitable for homeowners with an open floor plan. The open floor plan, which is often modern, goes well with a corner fireplace. This is because a corner fireplace adds warmth to the house, against the contemporary and clean aesthetic. You will also still get to enjoy the view from almost any part of the room because the fireplace will not be blocking anything. Most corner fireplaces in interior rooms use gas.

3.Dramatic walls

A big trend that is being integrated, especially in bigger houses, is dramatic fireplace walls. This design includes a hearth and finishings that take up floor-to-ceiling space. The fireplace will also be inside a wall and form the wall itself. Dramatic walls are bold and elegant, and you can use this to upgrade rooms with a lot of plain space and walls.

You can add a mirror above your expansive fireplace to reflect the light, making your large room look even more extensive. Lastly, you can add large art pieces, vases, and other types of vertical arts.

4.Large hearth openings

Large hearth opening fireplaces are currently a significant trend. Hearth openings convey prestige and elegance, and they also add a lot of warmth to a room. They also light up a room by giving it character. This trend is dramatic and eye-catching, especially when you frame the fireplace with lighter-colored stones to bring out the large dark hearth.

Fireplaces are not confined to rustic cabins anymore. Nowadays, they are more versatile and come in various designs. Have a look at these examples and go with one that blends in with your aesthetic.