5 tips to get your furnace ready for winter

Your furnace is an indispensable appliance you cannot do without in the winter. Consequently, you need to get it ready in every way possible to get the best service out of it and make your home as comfortable as possible.

To ensure that your furnace ready for winter, follow the tips below:

  1. Turn On the Thermostat

The thermostat is a device that helps to verify if your furnace or air conditioner is functioning optimally and efficiently. To ascertain the level of your furnace’s mechanical integrity, set your thermostat higher than the current home temperature. The furnace should start heating the room within a minute. Once you feel the heat, turn the furnace off.

However, if nothing changes, check and ensure that the furnace is connected to power and turned on. If you do not feel the heat, you should call a professional for furnace repair ahead of winter.

  1. Change the Air Filter

Another step you need to take to make your furnace ready for winter is to replace its air filters. Keeping your furnace’s air filters clean will prolong its life and make it run optimally. If the filter is a permanent type, wash and fix it again. If your furnace has a humidifier, replace its air filter as well. This will ensure that particles are not blown into your home.

  1. Protect the Condenser

You must protect your furnace’s condenser against falling icicles. You can cover it with a board. However, do not use any material that can trap moisture to cover it.

  1. Clean and Lubricate the Blower Motor

Before going further, check the owner’s manual to check if the blower needs lubrication. If it needs lubrication, turn the furnace off, open the cover to clean the caps on protecting the bearings. Remove the caps and oil the bearings.

  1. Check the Chimney and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Inspect the chimney for possible carbon build-up. Check the carbon monoxide detectors as well, although you should replace them if they are old and have stopped working. Carbon monoxide is dangerous; hire a professional to check the areas to avoid likely poisoning from the hazardous gas.

  1. Test the Ignite Switch

Inspect and test the igniter switch to ensure that it is working. Press the reset button if the furnace has electronic ignitors. Contact an experienced technician for furnace repair and to ensure that the igniter switch is working properly.


Carry out necessary furnace repair before winter to avoid the discomfort that cold brings. Hire a professional for the best results.

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