When is the Best Time to Replace a Front Door?

If you have been thinking about replacing the front door of your home, you might be wondering when the best time to do so is. The truth is that no rule can be used for determining the specific time you must consider door replacement. However, a few suggestions may point to the best time to replace a front door.

Given this, let’s look at the best time to go for door replacement.


As long as front door replacement is concerned, you can hardly find a better time than spring. Generally, the weather is usually nice and warm in the spring. Additionally, we often enjoy longer days because of more light; hence, replacing your front door in the spring is a no-brainer.

Several door replacement contractors even provide discounts to people that want to replace their doors in the spring. Since lots of people will be taking the offers, you can expect most contractors to be busy this period. Hence, you may need to wait a little longer before the contractor will complete your door replacement project.


Since the weather is also good during summer, it is the second-best time for replacing your front door. Besides, you don’t need to make any special arrangements for heating your home while the contractor is removing old windows and installing new ones.

Nonetheless, you may experience a loss of cool air while the installation is going on. Therefore, summer is not as good as spring for replacing your front door.


Although fall is not as good as spring and summer for door replacement, it is better than winter. During fall, most areas don’t experience too much heat or cold. Resultantly, you will not experience excess energy loss.

Moreover, most individuals like replacing their front doors during spring or summer. As a consequence, door replacement contractors will be less busy in the fall and, therefore, will likely finish your project early.


No one likes replacing the front doors during winter for many obvious reasons. Foremost, it can be extremely cold during this season. So, you need to make a special arrangement for the heating of your home while door replacement is going on.

However, replacing your front door in winter has a benefit too. Winter is an off-peak period; hence, a door replacement contractor may be willing to start working on your project immediately.

Obvious signs of a bad front door should never be ignored

While spring is the best time to replace your front door, you should note that you can replace your door any time you want. Besides, there are times when your door needs an instant replacement; hence, you cannot afford to wait until the best time to do the needful.

For instance, there are times when the lock system of your front door is outdated and non-functional in the winter. In other situations, the door may be physically damaged with holes and cracks that allow creepers to come into your property. In such cases, you shouldn’t wait till spring to replace it. You need to replace the door immediately and prevent burglars, insects, rodents, etc. from accessing your home through the bad front door.

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