Decorating Hacks — Make Your Hallway Come to Life

Just because a hallway isn’t technically a room doesn’t mean you should neglect it when decorating. Since the hall is the first part of your home someone sees upon arriving, it can set the tone for your entire house.

There are plenty of things you can do to create a welcoming feel when decorating your hallway. You need to think about the color scheme, storage space, functionality, and more. To help ease your decorating troubles, we have prepared a simple guide to decorate your hallway. Keep reading to find out how to make your old hallway come to life.

Organization Is Key

Staying organized is still possible even if you lack the space for a credenza or hall closet. Clutter is never attractive, so you should avoid tossing things around your hall. Instead, opt for wall-mounted organization. You can install shelves or racks that will help you organize your essentials, like coats, bags, shoes, and other things. If your hallway is narrow, choose lighter colors for your shelves to open up the space.

Add Mirrors

If you’re working with less room, adding mirrors will make the hall look more spacious. Not only will mirrors make it look larger, but they’ll also reflect light. That means your hallway will look brighter than it is. Think about adding one full-size mirror and a few smaller ones. You can even find some DIY ideas that will help you with mirror placement to create an attractive shape on the wall.

Incorporate Floor Mats

Unwittingly, we drag a lot of dirt into our house. Dirt, mud, and dirty shoes leave permanent marks on your first-class engineered bamboo flooring, so you should protect it with some stylish floor mats. Place one right at the door for people to wipe their shoes and another closer to your shoe rack.

Options are abundant when it comes to the size and style of these mats, so you don’t have to worry about them ruining your aesthetic.

Be Bold With Prints

We understand the hesitation to incorporate prints into a smaller space, but this is the time to be bold. If you want to try out a botanical print or add some colorful stripes, try it out in your hall. Choose an accent wall for the wallpaper that will bring more life into the typically dull space. Use removable wallpapers to make the application process a bit easier.

Bespoke Storage

If you want to use most of the space in the hallway, opt for built-in storage. Not only will you be able to maximize the space in a narrow or small hallway, but you will get a made-to-measure unit that will look expensive and grab the attention of everyone entering your home. Plus, you can create any design you want if you need more storage space. If you have a large family, you can design separate units for each family member.

Mix and Match Light Fixtures

Most hallways lack light because the only source of natural light comes from the front door. Regardless of how much natural light you get, you should incorporate a few light fixtures to keep this area bright.

Our advice is to combine a few different styles of lighting fixtures into your hall. If you’re going for a more elegant vibe, opt for a decadent chandelier and a few lamps on the side. If your style is more modern, we recommend a couple of ceiling fixtures that drop at different heights.

Plants, Plants, Plants

It’s hard to deny that plants light up a room. The same goes for hallways. Since both light and air are limited in this space, plants will help by producing more oxygen. Not only that, but they add more color to a small and cramped space.

If your hallway is too narrow for traditional flower pots, opt for succulents or flowers in vases. The effect might not be entirely the same, but these plants will still bring a smile to your face every time you walk into the house.

Gallery Wall

If you have excess wall space, we recommend hanging a few pictures. Make your own private gallery in the hallway by framing a few of your favorite inspirational quotes or your kids’ artwork. You could even purchase some paintings from local artists that go with your overall theme. Another option is to frame family photos or travel memorabilia to keep cherished memories close to heart.

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