5 Ingenious Tips to Paint your Ceilings

While painting your home interiors, you should never ignore the ceiling. Even though it may seem like a trivial element, it has a huge impact on the overall home interior design. By using the right ceiling paint design, you can control the feel and look of the entire setup. If you are planning to repaint your house, you should have the basic knowledge of how to choose the right ceiling paint.

There are various options you have at hand while choosing the ceiling paint design. From coffered ceilings to murals, there are many options available so that you can find one that suits your taste and style. Or, you can just simply opt for painting the ceiling for an appealing look. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you to paint your ceiling:

01 of 05 Choose white if you are not sure

White is the most common colour used for painting the ceiling. Many prefer white because it is a safe choice as you can never go wrong with it. White can be used in almost any setup, whether traditional or contemporary. Also, you can use it in almost any room like your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Many prefer white because it reflects more light and keeps the room brighter even if abundant light is not available. This makes your home interior design larger as well. Additionally, white easily blends in with different colours. This gives you the freedom to choose almost any colour for the walls.

02 of 05 Choose a light colour if the room is small

Besides choosing white for the ceiling paint, there are other options like choosing a light tone. It will give a similar feel to white and create the illusion of more space in the room. Also, it will reflect more light and keep the room bright even if sufficient light is not available. Using a lighter tone allows to balance the dark colours in the bedroom and create a contrasting effect. You can create a calming effect that makes people feel more comfortable with this combination. Moreover, you do not have to worry about finding the right option that meets your taste as there are plenty available in the market.

03 of 05 Choos dark colours carefully

While choosing dark colours, you should be careful. Even though neutral hues look great with dark colours, choosing a dark colour paint for a ceiling that is not higher than at least 8 feet can make the room appear very small. Also, dark colours do not reflect much light. Hence, you cannot choose a dark colour ceiling paint design if sufficient light is not available indoors. However, a dark colour will act as the centerpiece of the house and attract a lot of attention.

04 of 05 Choose the same colours you used for the walls

Many experts suggest that choosing the same ceiling paint colour you used for the walls can look great. It creates a rich atmosphere in the room and enhances the visual appeal. This allows your eyes to move seamlessly from the walls to the ceiling. It could be very soothing to the eyes. In many cases, homeowners prefer choosing the same colour for the ceiling because it allows them to save themselves from the headache of choosing a separate colour for the ceiling.

05 of 05 Choose a completely different colour for the ceiling

If you want to give your ceiling a very unique and interesting look, you can consider adding a completely different ceiling paint design. This will make the ceiling stand out from the rest of the home interior decor design and also, add more appeal to the space. By using a completely different ceiling paint colour, you can introduce more character to the room and eliminate the boring look. This gives you a lot of room to experiment and design your home according to your taste and preferences.