The advantages and disadvantages of portable toilets

If you have an outdoor event planned or you supervise a worksite, availability of toilets is the most basic requirement that needs to be fulfilled. Since a permanent toilet is not a suitable for a place that itself is temporary, portable toilets are of great use in such situations. A portable toilet, sometimes referred to as porta potty, is a user friendly and reasonable option. Whether you are on a budget or you prefer a luxurious setup with various styles, a portable toilet comes in many ranges and sizes. According to the number of guests or workers, as the case may be, these toilets and the subsequent cleaning service can be availed. All such toilets come with modern amenities. You need to service these portable systems regularly and keep them clean which warrants proper care and maintenance. You can go through the pros and cons given below to understand whether this kind of toilet will suit your requirement.

Benefits of using portable toilets

Variety is huge: Not all porta potties are of the same size, have the same amenities or share the same styles. The general perception about portable toilet being low on hygiene and always being cramped is so not true now. There is so much variety available today that you have a full spectrum of toilets ranging from eco-friendly to self-heating. It is up to you to decide what feature you want to be there in the toilet of your liking.

Mobility factor: You can move a portable toilet to any place of your choosing and start using it right away.  They are extremely portable and versatile. The possibilities of service type and purpose are simply endless. If you own such toilets, then you can even rent them out to others while it is not in your own use to earn a passive income. Since you can move them around between different sites and places they are ideal for camping or construction work. Investing in a portable toilet pays off for itself in the long run.

Long life of product: Generally, a porta potty is a long-lasting piece of equipment. It is a sturdy system that can be used for many years with proper care and maintenance. Portable toilets are solid structures manufactured with the intent to keep on functioning seamlessly for at least a decade.

Disadvantages of portable toilets

Storage is cumbersome: When they are not in use, these toilets must be stored away. If you have the space, then it is great otherwise, you will have to rent out a place where you can keep the portable toilet. This adds to the cost of operation. It is only problematic because these are large objects that need a place accordingly hence finding a place for them can be tricky.

Cleaning and maintenance: While any equipment will require regular maintenance and cleaning, portable toilets owing to their nature of use require extra care. You have to keep cleaning them again and again as people keep on using them. No one wishes to use a smelly or dirty toilet and if people stop using it, then it becomes of no use. If you are renting the toilet then it will be taken care by the agency that rented out the equipment however, if you own it, then it is up to you to get it cleaned. Cleaning is the hardest part of the maintenance however, there are professional services available for that too.

Owning a portable toilet or a set of toilets is always beneficial over renting as it costs less in the long run. So if you have a lot of use for a portable toilet then it is advisable to go for owning the set rather than renting it.