Create the perfect guest room with a Chesterfield Sofabed

Chesterfield sofas have proven themselves time and time again as the ultimate statement piece for any space. Not only this, their high-quality manufacturing process crams them with comfort and class making them not only super stylish but comfortable for years to come.

So, you’re thinking of renovating your guest room? Why not consider a Chesterfield Sofabed? We’ll explain why they’re a brilliant choice for guest rooms and living rooms alike.

Space Saving

Space is now more valuable than ever before, with many of us simply feeling we don’t have enough in our homes. If 2020 and the short glimpse of 2021 have taught us anything, it is that our homes take on an awful lot. We’ve crammed our entire lives into our homes for over a year, from pop-up classrooms to virtual offices there’s so much going on at home that it’s hard to remember what room you’re even using! Cue the Chesterfield Sofabed. Whether you have a spare room you’re not ready to sacrifice, or simply want the extra sleeping room for family gatherings this choice is perfect. The timeless design and the versatility of collections, fabrics, finishes and styles means you’re sure to find your perfect match, while guaranteeing a high-quality piece that looks as good as it feels.

Eye catching

Chesterfield sofas have been a staple of interior design since the 19th century, showing no signs of losing their charm anytime soon. Their statement characteristics absolutely ooze class and sophistication from their deep hand finished buttoning to their delicate fabric piping. Combine this with the time-honored manufacturing process and you have yourself a brilliantly beautiful couch that has been hand finished with love and respect for the craft itself. As modern trends have evolved so too has the Chesterfield. Collections boast modern alternatives at home alongside timeless classics, proving that the Chesterfield’s allure is here to stay and only getting stronger. The silhouette of a Chesterfield Sofa is eye catching enough even in the most neutral of colours, add in a burst of colour and tone and you’re onto a real winner and a true statement piece for your space.

Built to Last

Sofabeds are notoriously lacking in both the characteristics of a good sofa, or a good bed! Cue imagery of uneven cushions, difficult mechanisms, lumpy mattresses and a generally uncomfortable experience whatever form it is in.

Open your eyes and forget all about those images! A Chesterfield Sofa bed, the quality of the piece and the work that goes into making it special eliminate all of these problems. Hand crafted from start to finish the sofa, its mechanism and everything involved are created to be user friendly, so no more fighting with stubborn springs after a long night. The soft padding throughout the sofa’s frame and its seating mask any indication of a sofa bed while the stunning opulence of a Chesterfield works its magic as a statement piece. The fabric, leathers or velvets used by high-quality manufacturers experience rigorous quality control before they’re even considered for stock, meaning they’ve been well tested before they even make it onto your sofa.

So why not?

A sofa bed is the perfect option for those who don’t have room to sacrifice or aren’t looking to turn their extra space into permanent sleeping quarters. It allows you to create a stylish and balanced living space, while benefiting from the extra sleeping space should you need it. A Chesterfield Sofa bed is the ultimate solution to those concerned about style. Buying a Chesterfield sofa bed for your space guarantees that iconic Chesterfield charisma and charm while allowing you to reflect your own personal style alongside a style classic.

It might not be the answer for everyone, but if you’re considering maximizing your space in a stylish and practical way we’d definitely recommend considering a Chesterfield sofa bed.

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