Timeless Design Trends for your Home

Are you moving into a new house? Or thinking of giving your home a make-over?

Well, this article is here to help you find a unique and ageless design that will work for you and your space. After all, one always doesn’t need to spend top dollar to get their home beautifully designed, you just need to know some handy tips to maximise your budget.

Go vintage

The best way to give your home a revamped look is by adding vintage furniture to it. Instead of buying a modern-day sofa set, try to buy a vintage one. Not only will vintage builds often last longer than mass produced modern furniture, but it also gives your space a unique contemporary look. If you’d prefer to buy new, with a classic inspiration look for handcrafted furniture, as these will be built to last with much better components than others. The best example of a modern take on classic styles, is the Chesterfield sofa. Chesterfield sofas offer a unique blend of classic and contemporary, merging classic design with contemporary fabrics and colours, alongside the leather staples. So, if you want your space to benefit from unique style and brilliantly built funriture, consider a bespoke Chesterfield piece.

Wooden paneling

The romantic whimzy of a rural cottage is all down to the allure of their cozy and comfy vibe! A way to create this vibe is wooden paneling which of late has been used by many to give their home a new look. You can either go for wooden walls or use a single wooden panel to separate two rooms. You can also go for wooden flooring. The perks of choosing the wooden interior design are that it keeps you warm during snowy and windy weather. So, give your home a classic and cosy look by choosing wooden features.

Open shelves

Open shelves give a unique look to your house. Instead of buying cabinets or shelves which take up space, you can go for wall inbuilt shelves. The open shelves not only save up extra space but also give you storage solutions without compromising floor space. When you go for an open shelves system, you can renovate your home just by shifting the things on the shelf here and there. Unlike cabinets that you have to move around. If you have alcoves or set back walls in your property, these are the perfect wireframe fro open shelving, for a fraction of the cost and greater ease.

If you are struggling for space, open shelves might be the option for you.

Choose classics

Classics are classics because they’re always in style, making them great investments for the home. If you are looking for a trendy yet classy way to redo your house, go for the simplistic classic designs. Choose geometric patterns, or stripes instead of going for animal prints and bold patterns. The problem with trendy designs is that they often come and go, being fleetingly stylish and then droppoing of the radar. Making it harder to pair furniture, accents and accesories with the key features in your space due to the demand and availability in stores. However, with classics, you are always safe. It will keep your home interiors simple yet stylish for years to come.

Neutral Colours

Today, you will get many options when it comes to color. But here is where you have to make a choice. Instead of going off-the-track with trendy colors, choose neutral tones. It is the neutral colors that bring out the essence of the beauty of your interiors. Colors like off-white, beiges, and grey give the best effect when accompanied by wooden archways or white doorways, or even a sublte hint of colour if you want to experiment! We reccommend a royal blue, red or green but you have to choose the right lighting to tailor this choice to your space.

Add greenery

If you are looking for a way to redecorate your home without expense or huge effort, then adding a bit of greenery would do the job. People have a misconception that plants are only meant to remain outside. But that’s not the case; adding some indoor plants such as bonsai plants and rubber tree plants will brighten up your room. The green color will go with any interior décor designs. So, what are you waiting for? Bring in some plants in your home, set them up and bring the outdoors in.

To sum up, timeless trend designs don’t require you to spend thousands to achieve that look. Instead, if you follow the simple and effective tips mentioned above, then you’ll get the look that you want. Go ahead and try these tips, and you’ll be able to set your home apart from others.

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