Money Plant And Its Significance In Vastu

Money Plants are the most common indoor plants that we find both at workplace as well as at residential places around us. Money plant vastu has drawn a lot of interest over the decades. A natural air purifying plant, money plants possess the ability to filter the air and activate the flow of positive vibes in the room. Vastu Shastra is broadly referred to as the science of architecture.

As children, the first impression most of us get upon hearing the term ‘money plant’ was a plant that had money instead of leaves. Of course, that is not possible to grow money on plants, and the name of this plant is given so, as the leaves are plumy and round, which kind of resembles like coins. Apart from adding aesthetics to its surroundings with its shiny oval/ heart shaped leaves, money plants are considered lucky for bringing wealth. That is why more and more people grow money plants in their places. You will be surprised when you get to know money plants benefits. You can find how to propogate money plants from online.

Money Plants Significance in Vastu

As per vastu, money plant brings creates positive energy in the room by removing negative energy. Vastu experts suggests keeping a money plant in the house helps to remove financial obstacles and brings prosperity and good luck.

Place it in a proper position:

Money plant should be kept facing to a south east direction of the house or room. As per vastu, south is the direction of Goddess Lakshmi who bless us with wealth and prosperity and is also the direction is ruled by the planet Venus, who represents beauty and looks.

It can also be placed in the east direction. It is particularly helpful for people whose career or business involves interacting with people. This placement will help you expand your social circle and make contacts with influential people around you. A green bottle or vase is considered to keep a money plant in the east.

North is considered the best place to place a money plant. North is ruled by the lord of wealth, Kuber as per Vastu Purush Mandala. Placing a money plant in north can bring in new avenues of growth, better opportunities in jobs and business and a constant flow of cash.

Avoid East-West Direction:

Money plant should never be kept in the east-west direction as it invites trouble. It could lead to financial problems or arguments and messy moments to the ones who are married.

Green and Blue Vase:

Growing your money plant in green or blue pots helps to invite more health and removes any obstacles in the flow of energy. It makes more space for the positive energy flows.

Do not let the leaves touch the ground:

If your grown money plant is haphazard, pruning is very important. Make sure the leaves or stems of the money plant should not touch or fall on the ground, as it is considered as highly inauspicious.

Money Plant in Kitchen:

If you have a small kitch3ne then it might be a good idea to place your money plant there. But then again you need to take care that you place it in the right direction and not just that, it should be a couple of feet away from the gas burners. A kitchen has a lot of negative energy which can be balanced out by placing the plant there.

So, buy money plants online and place it in a proper place and see, it do wonders for your professional and personal lives.

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