How Much Does Window Replacement Cost?

Maybe your son broke the front picture window with a baseball, or you simply think it is time for a change. Whatever your reason for a window replacement, getting a cost estimate is your first step.

The website Angi (formerly Angie’s List) estimates the cost of replacing a single window at $200 to $1,300. High-end windows lean toward the more expensive end of this range at approximately $800 to $1,200. The full cost of replacing a window can come close to $6,000 after considering all factors.

What Has the Greatest Impact on Window Replacement Cost?

The biggest factor in determining the cost of new window installation is whether you are only replacing the glass of an old window or having an entirely new window installed, including the frame. If you plan to replace a window yourself, you will spend between $450 and $600 for a vinyl window replacement and $800 to $1,000 for a wood window replacement.

When you need to remove the framing of the window down to its studs, you should add another $50 to $100 to the cost of each window. Window replacement contractors refer to this as full-frame or new construction windows and charge more for this service. You will want to hire a contractor for this type of job since it can be time-consuming and complex.

Type of Window Also Makes a Difference

Double-hung windows are the most popular among homeowners and come at a cost of $280 to $360 each. The exact cost depends on the quality of the window frame and glass. Some top benefits of double-hung windows are that they are easy to install, you can open them from the top or bottom, and they are the least expensive of all window types.

Double-pane windows include glass that has gone through the glazing process twice to increase energy efficiency. The cost ranges from $115 to $250 for each window. If you have an older home, you can expect to save approximately $250 per year on energy costs. Double-hung windows may not fit into all types of encasements.

Tilt-out windows come with a crank for turning them toward or away from you. You can expect to pay between $250 and $500 for each tilt-out window. People appreciate this type of window for the ability to clean it from the inside. The trade-off for this convenience is that tilt-out windows are the most expensive of the three most common types.

One last thing that can add to the cost of your windows is whether you invest in high-performance glass. Homeowners in states with extremely cold temperatures in the winter or that experience several storms per year can provide themselves with extra insulation with this type of glass.

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