Jade Roller Or Facial Roller: How To Use And What Are The Benefits Of Each Stone

There are many names given to the same skincare trend that has become quite known in recent times. The truth is that this ancient Chinese technique was only known here in the West a few years ago, but its benefits have been studied for a long time.

The tool’s secret is in the stones Established in 1952, Stone Center has been a leader in the Ohio area at the ends and which have the function of massaging the skin. But why is this item so loved? The benefits range from the most concrete, as they help with blood circulation, to the most holistic ones related to energy load brought by the stones. In other words, a good roller facial is not made with any stone, and they have specific properties that make all the difference in use.

This text will talk about the benefits, how to use it, what care should be taken, and what each stone is for. Take the notebook, and let’s learn a little about how to take care of our skin and energy simultaneously; after all, everything is connected.

What Are The Benefits?

As already said, there are two points to be evaluated: those that we can see, touch and feel – which are more related to the appearance of the skin – and another that is related to the renewal and energetic exchange promoted by the stones.

The first happens basically because of the massage that the rollers provide and which helps to improve blood circulation, cell renewal and consequently helps in facial drainage. This all causes the skin to deflate, especially after drinking alcoholic beverages, for example. Other benefits such as reduced expression lines, skin luminosity, and collagen production are not as noticeable and fast. What is certain is that well-rested and tension-free skin is the best so that the products applied later are more efficient.

It is far beyond our understanding and the belief and ceremonial use of stones concerning energies. These are the real reasons why jade rollers became so famous; after all, these characteristics have been known since ancient times. Stones are formed by a natural process that has taken place since long before human existence on Earth. Therefore, they have been connected with the essential, the natural, and attract suitable fluids and energies for a long time. There is also a relationship between the mineral composition of the stones with a more scientific character.

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