Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at Different Types of Shower Doors for your Future Home


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, there are a few things that always lack from your dream shower setup, privacy and aesthetics being two major concerns. A bare open shower makes you uncomfortable and incomplete, and you just can’t seem to find a good enough shower door that fixes that without destroying the overall design. Let’s change that by looking at different types of shower doors for your future home.

The Doors

  1. Hinged doors – This is one of the most conventional shower doors you can get on the market. It works like a regular door where the door is supported by a hinge and swings around an axis. Despite their conventional mechanism. These doors offer you the most options on the market. They can be customized to your style and may be made from all kinds of materials, glass, wood, metal, or anything else. Moreover, they are best suited for wide restrooms where you have a large entryway. If you install it for the shower, make sure to get one with a frosted and etched glass base. It looks elegant and doesn’t compromise your privacy.
  1. The sliding door – Also known as the bypass door, the sliding door works great for your patio and your shower. They are made from two panels, usually made of glass, and slide on a metal rail to allow entry or exit. If you have a higher budget, you should go for a model with metal rollers for smooth operation. The best thing about these doors is that they can also be mounted on a bathtub. So, if you decide to ditch the shower space in the future for a bathtub, you can do so without buying new doors or partitions.
  1. The folding door – Folding doors are some of the classiest doors on the market and justifiably come at a premium. They can jazz up even the most boring bathrooms and add new life to your shower space. Primarily they come in bi-fold and tri-fold mechanisms where either two or three panels fold into one. Moreover, they feel very futuristic with their clean and smooth folding mechanism.
  1. Round shower door – People usually opt for this type of shower door when they want a premium look in a very limited space. These doors are similar to sliding doors, except for their shape. There are tracks at the bottom and rails at the top that ensure gentle gliding of the door to allow for entry or exit. Even if you have less than 3 square feet of shower space at the corner, these doors can be installed without any problem. Moreover, the thin glass panels that are curved in shape add another layer of refinement and enhance the modern design of your bathroom.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you choose a shower door that best suits your style and install it in your bathroom. Choose one that helps you strike the right balance between functionality, ergonomics, and looks.