5 tips to avoid a flooded basement

Rain is expected in the fall and spring, and the ground is always muddy. You are not alone if you wish to know how to prevent basement flooding amid heavy rains during these seasons. Many individuals want to keep their homes dry and secure throughout the storm. Fortunately, there are numerous steps you may take to safeguard your house against floods.

Follow these five basic precautions to keep your basement dry and comfortable in any season.

Clean Your Gutters

When leaves, debris, and twigs become entangled in your gutters, they can prevent water from flowing down and out via the downspouts. However, the water will overflow and run out around your house, leaving your basement at risk of floods and leaks. To solve this situation, inspect and clean your gutters twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.

Install a Sump Pump

A sump pump is one of the most valuable things to invest in if you want to avoid basement flooding. You place a sump pump in the drilled hole on your basement floor, also called a basin. The pump contains a sensor that detects when there is too much water in the bay. The excess water activates the mechanism to pump water out of the basement and a neighboring drainage area.

Take Control of Your Landscaping

If your yard slopes and funnels water down and around your house, your basement may flood. Invest in French drains to solve this problem. You may also consider rain gardens, shrubs and other plants planted on a slope to absorb rainfall. Another option is to move your rain gutter downspouts away from your house.

Check for Foundational Cracks

It is essential to inspect your foundation regularly to prevent flooding in a walkout basement. Basement walls and flooring have a difficult task in supporting your home. Check for cracks and fractures in the walls and floor that might let water into the basement. If there are any holes or cracks in the foundation, use an epoxy sealant to repair them. You can also have them inspected by a professional basement waterproofing company.

Buy Window Well Covers

How do you keep your basement from flooding during torrential rainfalls? Window well coverings are an excellent utility. Severe storms can cause damage to below-grade windows. Window well coverings, which you install above the window to protect it from rain and snow, should be used to preserve these windows. If you prefer the natural light that comes in through your windows, get acrylic coverings that allow natural light to stream into your basement throughout the day.