Here’s the photo proof: how good are the services of carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA?

A satisfied customer sent us two photo proofs of how good the services of carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA he contracted were, and how pleased he was with the decision he made. After doing some research online, he opted for Home & Business Services, a family-owned local business operating in the Greater Fredericksburg Area, including the counties of Culpeper, Louisa, Orange, King George, Spotsylvania, Stafford, and Caroline. They had only positive reviews, even from some of Raymond’s friends and neighbors, therefore he decided to work with them and he didn’t regret it.

“My appreciation for what the guys at have accomplished can’t be expressed in words. They were awesome from start to finish, especially when it came to carpet cleaning. In Fredericksburg VA, you don’t find too many trustful companies that can help you with this delicate job since many contractors don’t know how to handle different types of fibers. At first, I was trying to save some pennies by going with other contractors, but I wasn’t at all happy with their services and prices. However, with Home & Business Services everything was different”, he said, before attaching a few photo proofs.

Apart from services of carpet cleaning Fredericksburg VA, Home & Business Services also offers other types of cleaning (professional, commercial, air ducts, windows), as well as handyman services, home maintenance, and turnkey services. Raymond took advantage of those too: “They helped me prepare my family home for sale – they replaced my entire roof, they painted the entire inside of the house, and they cleaned up the yard and inside”. At the end of his message, Raymond said that, if he had to do it again and again and again, he would choose the same company every time. “I will surely recommend them to everyone I know”, he said.

Hot water extraction, the best method for carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA

Home & Business Services uses a method known as “hot water extraction” or “steam cleaning” for carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA. This is by far the best and most effective method since it’s “tough on the dirt and gentle on the carpet”. It guarantees fast drying times, complete stain and pet odor removal, by combining high pH alkaline chemicals, hot water, safe pressure, and efficient extraction. The first step consists of the dry soil removal, by using an upright vacuum, with brush agitation and high-efficiency HEPA filters, that can remove up to 99% of particles.

The second step of carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA consists of pre-spraying the carpet for soil suspension (separating the soil from the carpet fiber). This is done using what’s known as the CHAT method: C for chemicals (applying preconditioning chemicals); H for heat (using heat or high temperature to speed up the chemical reaction); A for agitation (proper chemical penetration and even distribution); T for time (dwell time so that the chemical reaction can be completed before soil extraction is attempted).

According to their rate card, Home & Business Services charges between 100 and 475 dollars per hour for carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA.

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