A Guide To Extended Appliance Warranty Coverage

A home warranty and extended appliance warranty are two types of warranties people purchase that cover home appliances after the manufacturer’s warranty ends. Often retailers will try to sell extended warranties to people for coverage after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, although it’s often possible to buy one later from third parties such as home warranty companies. To better understand extended appliance warranty coverage, the following is a guide on this type of warranty option available to homeowners.

What is an extended appliance warranty?

Extended appliance warranty coverage is insurance. It provides home appliance insurance for specific appliances. They are purchased prior to the expiry of the original warranty. If a covered appliance breaks down unexpectedly, an appliance extended warranty can help provide financial protection. This type of warranty extends protection on your manufacturer’s warranty, offering you longer coverage for a newly purchased appliance. It enables homeowners to cover repair costs at a much lower price per problem than if they had to pay out-of-pocket.

The terms and conditions for extended appliance warranties sold by retailers tend to mirror those in the original manufacturer’s warranty. However, they may be purchased from other providers such as a home warranty provider, These warranties can offer more benefits and flexibility.

What do extended appliance warranties cover?

Extended appliance warranties generally cover damage caused by normal wear and tear and mechanical breakdowns. An appliance extended warranty only applies to one specific appliance in the home. This means a separate policy is purchased for a specific appliance which is separate from a home warranty plan. Home warranties, on the other hand, cover many types of appliances and home systems with just one policy. This can include: air conditioner, HVAC, water heater, dishwasher, septic systems, plumbing systems, built-in microwave, and more. Some home warranties allow customers to build their own home warranty plan and customize their specific coverage to fit their needs.

Can an extended appliance warranty be purchased after buying an appliance?

Most manufacturers offer warranties between one to three years after the purchase date. However, home warranty companies offer extended warranties for appliances that are no longer covered by manufacturer’s warranty. There are even home warranty providers offering extended appliance warranties which customers can keep for as long as they want, as long as they keep paying the monthly premiums. This means homeowners can continue to protect a specific appliance. A home warranty is a separate plan that offers bundled coverage for major home systems and appliances. It is more comprehensive and provides coverage for expensive repair and replacement costs of the various covered items.

Are extended appliance warranties worth it?

Extended warranties are cheaper since these warranties cover individual appliances. Extended Appliance Warranty Coverage applies to an individual appliance so homeowners pay for the specific appliance coverage they want. Prices will vary depending on the type of appliances being covered and warranty provider,

How long does an extended appliance warranty last?

In contrast to major appliance manufacturers’ extended warranties and service plans that expire after varying months or years, there are home warranty companies that enable customers to ensure their coverage never runs out as long as they are enrolled in the plan and make every monthly payment.

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