5 Reasons To Have Your Company’s Exterior Professionally Cleaned

As a business owner, you have probably put countless hours into your company. You’ve worked on marketing, hired the best employees, and tweaked your products and services to be some of the best in the area. You’ve also probably gone above and beyond to ensure your business interior is clean, safe, and inviting. What you might have missed is that you should also be having your building’s exterior professionally cleaned.

1. The First Impression Counts

The building’s exterior makes the true first impression about your company. If the windows are streaked with dirt, door handles are messy, or the rest of the exterior looks unkempt, potential clients or employees are more likely to assume that your entire business doesn’t maintain itself well and is unprofessional. A building wash for its windows, doors, siding, roofs, gutters, and more ensures you are always putting your most professional foot forward. When your company is professional, it is more likely to instill confidence in your potential clients from the very beginning.

2. Employee Morale Will Be Better

Countless studies show that the more you take care of your business, the better your employees will feel about working there. Nobody wants to walk into a building where the entryways are full of garbage or dirt, or the gutters are overflowing with leaves. From the cleanliness of the employee parking lot to the shine on the door handles when they enter, your employees want to work in a safe, clean environment. When the space is well-maintained, your employees will feel more satisfied with their workspace, which in turn makes them more productive and your company run more efficiently. Remember, many people talk about their jobs outside of the workplace. Don’t you want them to speak positively about their experience working for your company?

3.  Building Safety Is a Necessity

According to the Center for Disease Control, cleaning some of the outdoor areas of your business is essential for ensuring the safety and protection of your employees and your clients. Surfaces made of metal or plastic, especially high-touch ones, should be cleaned at least once a day. During times when cold and flu viruses are more likely to be transmitted, they should be cleaned more often. In addition to door handles, consider the safety railings beside stairs or ramps, accessibility buttons, carts or baskets your customers may use and leave outside, and play structures. Cleaning is especially essential if you own a daycare that allows the children to play outside often.

4. Your Property Will Have More Curb Appeal

Perhaps you’re considering selling your property in the near future. Powerwashing the building, ensuring the glass is clean, and maintaining the parking lot and landscaping will all help to raise its curb appeal. Potential buyers assume that the better your building looks on the outside, the better it will look on the inside. A well-maintained property shows potential buyers that you’ve taken pride in your space and likely kept up with maintenance. If you own a commercial property that leases space to other businesses, a clean building will make you more likely to bring in renters as well.

5. Your Building May Last Longer

Over time, moisture, fungi, dirt, and bird dropping mix to create an unattractive film on your building, but the problem goes even beyond that. Depending on the material it’s made of, leaving your building covered in dirt can even cause you to need to repair it more often. Brick and wood are especially known to deteriorate over time if they aren’t properly taken care of. When pieces of the building become compromised, you’ll spend more money on repairs to keep the property safe and usable. It’s more affordable to pay periodically for external cleaning than to repair wooden boards or bricks.

When looking for affordable exterior cleaning, consider several things. The company you hire should be licensed and insured, be willing to answer your questions honestly, and provide a detailed contract to ensure you get what you paid for.

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