Tips for Designing a Modern Home Bar

A home bar can be the missing piece in your interior design and entertainment plan.

Installing a home bar is a brilliant way to entertain guests without having to leave the comfort of your own home. As well as this, when it comes time to sell your property, the value that a bar brings to your home will impress your real estate agent and potential buyers.

A home bar also provides a touch of practicality to an otherwise dreary interior space. These modern industrial style home bar design ideas will help to inspire your new project.

Matching Your Home’s Design

Whether you’re looking for a tavern or a saloon vibe, your home bar materials should be coordinated with your home’s decor. Choose a weathered-wood finish bar with brown-leather stools if you have a rustic-styled home.

Alternatively, try a black marble bar with straight, geometric stools, and drop lighting for a modern home.

Rustic bar built in kitchen with square window and bar stool

The Perfect Bar Table

The size and form of your home bar will be determined by how much space you have to work with and, of course, how often you’ll use it. The materials you choose (wood, granite, marble, etc.) are entirely up to you but we would recommend a consistent theme that doesn’t conflict with the rest of your home’s decor.

Bar tables are available in a variety of styles, ranging from historic to modern to minimalist. A small bar doesn’t take up a lot of room and looks great in a spacious living room; this is ideal for smaller groups.

Choosing Bar Seating

If you want to entertain guests with a classic bar, you’ll need to get stools and chairs to match. Choose metal stools with cushioned upholstery if your bar has a wood finish – the clean metal will emphasise your bar’s industrial feel.

The foam-padded seats replace a fully-backed chair, making it a stylish and comfortable option. This idea is also compatible with a wide range of bar colours and styles.

Industrial Decor

Your home bar’s decoration and finishing touches are what will make it an inviting, relaxing, and enjoyable place to be. A featured brick wall combined with pipe-like details is the perfect way to give any space an industrial vibe.

Other industrial characteristics include bold, statement lights – shaded drop lights make any area feel rustic. Combined with metal accents on furniture, a variety of distressed wood and retro accessories, your stylish bar will be the talk of the town!

A dartboard, football table, or electric jukebox can also all help to liven up the room. An entertainment system will also round out the room if you’re a sports lover!

Hopefully, with these ideas, you can create the at-home bar of your dreams!