Dos and Don’ts Before and After Pest Control Treatment

Flies, rats, cockroaches, spiders, and bugs roaming around in the house are pretty common. Not only do they make one feel creepy, but they also spread diseases and germs from one place to another. In such cases, efficient residential pest control services are one’s ultimate savior. Hiring a reliable residential pest control service provider can help people get rid of the rodents and pests in the house. However, before hiring them, people need to know what to follow before and after a pest control treatment.

Generally, the residential pest control services providers have these treatments to choose from according to one’s need:

  1. Termite control treatment
  2. Bed bug control treatment
  3. Roach control treatment
  4. Mosquito control treatment
  5. Rodent control treatment
  6. Lizard pest control treatment
  7. Rat pest control treatment

What to do before pest control?

Before the professionals and the crew members enter one’s house and start with the residential pest control services, there are a few things that the owner of the house should be aware of. Here are a few points to keep in mind before the pest control service gets started.

  1. Access

In order to keep the house completely free from pests, it is essential to free up space, which can be done by removing furniture of all sizes. Unfortunately, the nooks and corners of the furniture are one of the favorite places of pests. So, the professional pest control service providers will surely get into the corners of the house to clean thoroughly.

  1. Bathroom

It is best to empty the bathrooms. Spiders and roaches can be seen in the bathrooms quite often. In addition, the chemicals used by pest control professionals can harm the toiletries if kept in the bathroom during the pest control treatment. Pay special attention to toothbrushes, razors, soaps, and detergents. If possible, replace them after the pest control treatment.

  1. Clothes and furniture

Before the pest control service providers enter the house, ensure to pack all the clothes, children’s belongings, and other necessary items in a carton and keep them away from the place that is about to be cleaned soon. Use plastic wrappings for keeping the bedsheets, mattresses, cushions, pillows, etc., safely.

  1. Dining and kitchen area

First and foremost, when one comes to the kitchen area before the pest control professionals have entered the house, take the dustbin and get rid of the dirt immediately. Next, remove all the items from the kitchen cabinets as the pest control professionals generally spray these areas as they are considered a hub for rodents and insects.

  1. Paintings and flower pots

People may have beautiful paintings for decorating their interiors. But removing them from the walls is mandatory as pest control treatment service providers apply spray all over. The chemicals of the spray may be harmful to the paintings and might damage them also. The same rule applies to the flower pots as well. Plants cannot stand the strong effect of chemicals and die down quickly. So, removing them to a safe place is a must.

  1. Pets

Usually, pets are sensitive to chemicals. So, it would be great to drop their pets for a few hours at a neighbor’s or a friend’s house. Besides, the belongings of the pets, like bedding and toys, should be stored carefully. Then, if required, one can take his furry friend to a nearby vet to get a flea and tick treatment done.

What to do after pest control?

Now that the residential pest control services provider has completed cleaning the house, there are a few responsibilities that the owner of the house should undertake.

  1. Cease from cleaning immediately

When hiring residential pest control services, one must understand that experienced and trained professionals have conducted the pest control treatment. So, there is no immediate need to clean and mop the floor. Generally, the services offered by pest control companies are customized. So, one can convey one’s requirements to the team, and the job will be done soon.

  1. Do not leave paper

It is known to all that paper is a good source of food for many pests. So, after the pest control professionals finish their job and leave, look out for brown bags and wet papers as these are the favorites of bugs and insects.

  1. Keep an eye on pests

Once the pest control treatment is done, check up on the possible places where pests can take shelter regularly. Right after the pest control treatment, dead pests will be found scattered in several areas of the house. Get rid of them immediately.

  1. Repair leaks

One may have a leaking pipe or a clogged drain in the house. However, this can be a trouble spot as the pests may prefer taking shelter in these locations. In addition, water dripping from these leaks act as an entry point for the pests. It may lead to reinfestation. So, if there are any leaking pipes or drains, they need to be fixed as soon as possible.

  1. Safeguard oneself

Now that professional pest control service providers have sprayed all the surfaces of the house, one should protect oneself from coming in contact with these chemicals by wearing gloves. If one cannot tolerate the pungent odor of the chemical, one can also wear masks.

  1. Throw any food items left outside

It may so happen that one was in a hurry and forgot to remove or shift any food items to a protected area. It is okay. But, after the pest control treatment is over, do not think of eating it or using the thing for preparing food. Since the edible has come in contact with the chemicals used during cleaning, consuming this food item can be risky.

  1. Waiting

Last but not the least, after the pest control professionals have left, the place has to be vacated for some time and entered only at a time that the professionals have recommended.


Therefore, if one wants to get rid of rodents, roaches, bugs, and other insects, it is high time to book an appointment with the residential pest control services provider. One should resolve all queries before hiring them so that one is not dissatisfied with the service.

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