In most homes, the basement is one of the most ignored rooms. It is in very rare instances that it is used to its fullest potential. A basement that has been renovated and has a walkout can add to the value of the home. A walkout can change the whole feel of the basement. It can be used to store the household items needed. It provides a separate entrance to the basement. You can rent your basement if you like. There are many reasons why you should consider having a basement walkout. You can get  more information about the process here

 What is the process of setting up a Basement Walkout?

To have a basement walkout that is comfortable to use, it should be longer and wider than the hatch. The higher the first floor is, the lesser number of steps will be required in the staircase. For joint expansion, a gap is left between the outer wall of the basement and the walls of the stairs. This gap can be later filed in by using an elastic material. Once this has been done, the basement is waterproofed by applying waterproofing on the walls and the ground. If you wish, you can also insulate the walls with polystyrene foam. There must be an opening above the ground, in one of the walls for proper ventilation. This will prevent the basemen from getting too hot during summers and too cold during winters. It will also allow fresh air to freely flow in and out of the space between the stairs. As there is cross ventilation, it will also prevent the room from being extremely humid.

The walkout basement is finished by adding full-sized doors and windows in the basement. This will allow more light to enter the basement and make the room feel like it is not in the basement. If you wish, you can also add a few extra square footage to the house. It will work to increase the value of your home. When there is extra access, it will provide you with the liberty to decorate the basement the way you want it to. Homeowners also prefer to add oversized windows in the basement. This will help to increase the natural light and make the basement seem like the main floor.

 Why should you renovate the basement?

When you undertake basement renovation to get a basement walkout, it can change the way your basement has been. If you want to add more space, it can be used to store all the extra bulky and voluminous items. The walkout works to connect the basement to the street. This provides a separate entrance to the home. If you wish, you can always rent out to the basement. However, if you don’t want to do that, the basement can be used by you or your family members. You can convert it into a gym or a playroom for your kids. When you invest in a basement renovation it increases the house’s value. It makes it more attractive to the buyers.

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