Affordable and Reliable Handyman Services in Singapore

Instances like repairing a certain area of your home or workplace are inevitable. If it’s a minor repair, you can sometimes do it yourself. However, you might be needing assistance from experts in the field who offer affordable and reliable handyman services from your area in Singapore for some cases.

Few people believe that doing the repair or replacement on your own is better than paying for handyman services since you can just browse online how to fix and perform certain works for free. There may be numerous sites to help with your concerns but approaching a professional handyman should still be your top option.

The significance of getting a handyman is that they are specialists who are experienced in the job. Allowing personnel who have limited to zero training with repair labor to undertake the duty exposes them to the threat of getting serious injuries. Neglecting problems likewise put you in danger too.

To avoid such incidents, we prepared a compilation of the most frequently asked questions regarding various aspects of hiring handyman services in Singapore so you have a background once you decide to ask for their assistance.

Where can I find Handyman Services in Singapore?

Looking for reliable handyman services in Singapore is sometimes a hassle, especially if it’s your first time hiring one. Various companies will claim to provide you with superlative services, but not all are worth their price.

If you want to explore the multitude of operations provided by a handyman service and how to approach your desired handyman company, you may consider Handyman Services Singapore.

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 In most circumstances, Handyman Services Singapore can address your concerns in far less than 60 minutes, unless it’s a really complex case, Handyman Services Singapore will analyze the situation and inform you of the charge.

Whenever you have a problem regarding your house or office that requires it to be fixed, no matter what it could be, Handyman Services Singapore will be there to assist you to get the treatment you deserve from the most qualified service company without costing you too much.

Handyman Services Singapore’s offered you guidance regarding:

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  • Signs that your autogate system needs to be serviced
  • Shower Set Installation
  • Power Socket Installation
  • Assemble Tables
  • Assemble Chair Services Singapore
  • Replace Water Pipe
  • Installation of New Light Set
  • Replacing Siphon for Toilet Bowl
  • Installation of a New Water Basin
  • Affordable Contractor Singapore
  • Painting Services Singapore
  • Best Aircon Servicing Singapore
  • Electrical Services in Singapore

There are more to these, you may visit their site for a wider understanding.

How do I find a good local handyman in Singapore?

Your household is your haven and secure base. It’s a spot where you spend quality time and form bonds with others. To be able to continue making great memories with your family members and friends, every corner of your home has to be maintained and far from cracks.

Here are some advantages of finding a handyman service for you, instead of doing things alone without proper and sufficient experience.

A diverse set of qualities

Irrigation, cabling in a replacement ceiling light, window installation, and renovations might be tricky for an unskilled resident. Fortunately, employing a handyman provider will spare you the difficulty of locating experts with various competence, such as builders, construction workers, decorators, as well as other tradesmen. As an outcome, you won’t have to approach them independently plus you will get convenience with a single appointment.


Every handyman company must have a high level of dependability. Getting a professional repair agency with a successful track record in your neighborhood will prevent the aggravation of backlog tasks that will cost you more expenses.


Reconstruction is expensive in its totality. Maintenance will require a tremendous deal of work, energy, and stress. You’ll have to determine what’s causing the issue, fully comprehend how to address certain concerns, and look for the greatest cost-effective materials and supplies. So, if you will appoint a handyman service, they will know what equipment is needed and what type of work has to be done which will save you time and effort.


You won’t need to hire multiple specialists for property repair work and upgrades, and you won’t have to compensate them independently, eliminating a big cost from your lengthy checklist of contractual liabilities.

Superior Overall Outcome

We have a desire to perform stuff ourselves to enhance the aesthetic and efficiency of our properties. But, there are moments where the efforts do not come out to be excellent and useful which leads to a waste of time.

A handyman possesses the knowledge, equipment, and resources to conduct comprehensive house servicing and upkeep. As a result, the result will be of high caliber, bringing your home to its authentic condition.

What do most handyman charge per hour in Singapore?

Handyman rates in Singapore are commonly estimated based on the scope of the work. In this section, we will present you with a typical job that requires a handyman, as well as the fee.

Charges are either fixed or hourly

When you initially contact a handyman, their pricing will be determined by the work that has to be accomplished or any extra equipment that will be necessary to finish the project. Their charges will also be heavily influenced by their existing knowledge and experience.

Any untrained handyman will be considerably less expensive, but he or she may not offer the essential skills to do the operation adequately. Alternatively, a trained artisan will set you back dramatically greater. Some handymen, whether they are competent or otherwise, will demand a higher amount for the initial session and a smaller amount for every subsequent period.

Urgent circumstances

You’ll need to pay a high price whenever you need a handyman for an urgent service. Conversely, you can attempt to change it yourself to spare expenses. However, don’t pretend to be a savior if you’ve never been confronted with an electric or sewage disaster. If you don’t pay extra, you’ll end up overpaying a lot higher.

Additional Items

Once your handyman has to buy components like shower heads or taps to execute your project, those expenses will be added to the hourly fee you’ve been quoted. Before engaging the handyman, get a quote first. You could be capable of reducing money by buying raw materials essential for your maintenance yourself.

Handyman Price List Singapore

Service Price
Replace Door Knob $120
Replace Bedroom Door $380
Install Shelves $70
Install TV Brackets $80
Install Wall-mounted Fan $120
Install Ceiling Fan $150
Install Chandelier $120
Install Mirrors $70
Install Pictures and Frames $60
Assemble Tables or Chairs $60
Replace leaking pipes $80
Install/Replace toilet bowl $180
Install/Replace Water Taps $60
Install/Replace Shower Sets $80
Clear Kitchen/Basin/Toilet Bowl Choke $120
Install/Replace Instant Heater $100
Install/Replace Big Heater $150
Replace Switch Socket Outlet $60
Replace Light Fittings/Light Bulbs $60
3room HDB Painting Services $1280
4room HDB painting Services $1480
5room HDB Painting Services $1580
5room Executive HDB Painting Services $1780
One room painting Services $280 and up

As stated in Singapore Handyman Services Rates and Price Lists 

What should I look for in a handyman service?

Although troubles like a blocked wash basin, malfunctioning incandescent bulbs, and leaky drainage systems seemed to be minor, they could be signs of bigger troubles ahead. Minor issues can quickly escalate, leaving you with little alternative but to seek professional help, and that means spending a lot more money. You’ll need the expertise of a handyman to evaluate the existing problem and locate the root cause of the problem early.

Below are the considerations you should take before completely hiring a handyman service and trusting them with your assets.

Examine the coverage and registration document they have

In Singapore, handymen are authorized to work in a specific capacity. However, to deliver business goods, they must first gain a license. It guarantees that you are interacting with a specialist who is knowledgeable in his profession and competent at handling an identified situation.

Thus, before you contact a handyman, double-check their license. You must further confirm that the Singapore handyman firms you choose employ specialists who are credentialed and have accomplished a variety of handyman assignments. It will safeguard you from needing to pay hospital expenses if the handyman is harmed on your premises.

Assess payment selections

If your house’s water pipes are blocked or there is a circuit problem, you can’t be certain what the issue is. What you understand is that you demand the services of a professional who can do the routine upkeep flawlessly. A reliable approximation of how much the servicing will cost must be made available by asking a few handyman for quotes.

Excessive payments do not necessarily signify superior quality

A firm with a proper building and a large marketing budget is not generally the right choice in its sector. Such tricks should not be taken into account. You might realize investing a boatload of cash for minimal improvements that will not last enough. You must pick a handyman that has a fair bit of expertise in resolving household maintenance issues.

Consider suggestions

Singapore has a huge proportion of residential properties, housing flats, and buildings. These residences often include drainage, lighting, carpentry, and similar repair and maintenance. As a result, individuals routinely outsource repair services. You may seek colleagues who have previously engaged a handyman to address those troubles. It will support you in immediately minimizing your inquiry and discovering the most ideal handyman service.

Whenever you need a qualified handyman service right away and don’t have the patience to think about it, you should contact a reliable handyman.

Is hiring a handyman services worth it?

If you’re having second thoughts about whether it is worth hiring a handyman services Singapore or not because you think you are capable of performing those jobs as well with little to no cost, the answer is yes, handyman services are worth it! A single payment is always better than having to pay regularly just because the same problem occurs over and over again. You may be spending some money for their wages but at least they can guarantee that your residential or commercial properties are in good hands for your maintenance and repair concerns.