Some Recommendations of Legal and Best CFD Trading Platform South Africa

Trading surely provides various opportunities to gain profits. There are many success stories of traders and investors who can gain great sum of money as profits from the trading. Of course, trading is available in many countries, including in South Africa. There are also many instruments that can become choice for trading in South Africa, and CFD is one of them. CFD stands for contract for difference. This is type of trading instrument that can provide good opportunity to gain profit. There are also recommendations of best cfd trading platform south africa.

Before going further to the recommendations of brokers and trading platforms for CFD, legality of the trading instrument becomes the concerns of traders, especially the beginners. In fact, it is not big problem when the traders deals with the licensed and regulated brokers. Most regulated brokers are supported and monitored by official regulators and they are legal institution or organization in certain country. FCA  is one of the well-known regulators and there are top tiers regulators that can confirm the legality and security of the CFD trading. Thus, legal issues will not become problems anymore. The recommended brokers below are also monitored and regulated by the top-tiered regulators so there is no worries.

First recommendation is Exness. It is a broker established in 2008. Currently, Exness has become very popular among traders, and it is not only in CFD, but also in forex and other instruments because the broker provides various opportunities and instruments for traders. Specifically, it is also one of the best trading platforms for beginners. One of the main reason is its user-friendly interface that will help users to use the platform easily. They do not need to get problems in using the platform and it is very comfortable to use even for the beginners. Then, it has licenses to provide trading accesses and services in many countries, including in South Africa. It provides traders to use ZAR-based account so they do not need to convert the currency. This becomes other benefits from Exness.

Then, there is Avatrade. The brokerage company is established in 2006 and now it has provided trading services in many countries, including in South Africa. It is one of the safest brokers to use because it is regulated by some regulators. There are three tier-1 regulators and three tier-2 regulators that regulate and license the services of the Avatrade so it is safe to use in trading access for users in many countries. For beginners, it is nice choice because its platform provides automated trading. For the trading tools and technical supports, Avatrade also provides many of them to help traders.

Next, there is Pepperstone. It is nice to see the pepperstone reviews as references in choosing the broker. The Pepperstone is founded by professional traders in Melbourne, Australia. The founders were disappointed by the services offered by the brokers at that time. Thus, they decided to make and develop their own trading platform that could deal with the disadvantages. As the results, the trading platform brings many benefits, especially in term of low commission and fast execution of process and action in trading. Then, Pepperstone focuses on the technical supports, including the tools to help traders. This provides CFD as one of the instruments and there are more options. Now, it has been regulated by FCA and ASIC so it is reliable.