Do I Need Permission From The Government To Start Terrace Gardening In My Own House?

Terrace gardening indeed looks beautiful and hence the one thing that many of us want to do is start indulging in one. Not everyone can choose to have a field where they can start gardening and hence the terrace garden is a very good idea to start with.

However, when we talk about this particular aspect there are a lot of doubts that people have and hence they wonder whether it will be feasible for you to start one or not. However, before we talk about whether you need a licence or not, it is vital that we analyse what one means by terrace gardening and why you might need permission in that respect.

What Does One Mean By Terrace Gardening?

As the name would suggest, the term terrace gardening refers to using the terrace space in your house or apartment and turning it into a garden as well. The problem with normal gardening is that not everyone gets the right place to utilise the same and hence terrace gardening is a more convenient option.

The terrace has to be cut out as such so that it can help you with gardening and the facilities have to be present like draining of water or even optimum sunshine. Not every plant can sustain itself on the terrace and hence the right choice has to be made.

Do You Need Permission To Start With Terrace Gardening?

Finally, it is important that we talk about whether you need permission or not to start with terrace gardening. The garden supplies officer states that you do not need to invest in permission for terrace gardening unless you are commercialising it.

At the same time, if you have your own house and do not impose the risk on anybody else then in most cases permission is not needed. However, it is important that we mention in this case that when you want to start terrace gardening and that too for commercialising the product, then it is important to acquire permission. This is because you need to pay a certain tax to the government and commercialise your business so that it runs successfully.

The next instance when you need to acquire permission is when you live in an apartment and might pose a risk to the others. It often happens that when you live in a shared community, gardening might be a risk, particularly because the plantations might be heavy and can cause serious trouble. However, the permission cannot be localised in this case and has to be taken from the garden supplies officer itself.

Finally, when we say that terrace gardening is a cathartic experience, it is because the perks are quite beneficial. However, make sure that you have the right registration and licence if you fall under the segment and that too from the right authority. We would suggest that before you start gardening, have a small experience which can help you to make the experience and the end result better.

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