Drinking glasses: irreplaceable products from Murano

Venice is one of the many islands in Italy, but what does make it so special? The art, the beauty, the breathtaking view, the canals, and so much more. The city is uniquely remarkable all around the world. Might it be the calm and peacefulness that it gives? Or might it be the secular history behind it? Or still the astonishment of its buildings and art?

The possible explanations could be many, but one thing is certain: there is one and only Venice.

Many people from different countries come to visit the city: it is possible to see an exchange of ideas and cultures like in no other one. Carefully thinking about it, the origin of Venice was due to the unity of many different populations indeed.

Nowadays tourists are interested in visiting the island belonging to the Venetian lagoon as well. Each of them has a peculiarity as they sort of specialized in a particular activity. For example, the most visited islands are Murano and Burano: the first is secularly known for glass production, while Burano is for lacework.

Murano’s history dates to the XIII century when the first handmade glasses were produced. Murano glassmaking has very ancient roots and, similarly to Venice, it has had both moments of glory and of decay, which had been promptly overcome.

The most extraordinary thing about this island is that it has always been the base of glass production, continuously developing and adapting to new and more modern techniques. It has reached a level of elegance and ability irreplaceable by any other glass factory in the world. Murano is the glass, and the glass burns for it.

On the online platform YourMurano, the products of the major 20 furnaces on the island are offered at stock prices. There is a wide range of glass objects in order to satisfy every client’s request. Each one of them is the result of experience, skillfulness, and precision. The ability of the artisans can be admired by visiting the catalog: these glass operas are an expression of pure art!

The glassmaking techniques vary a lot: each furnace tries to combine them to create unique and incredible pieces of art. Through the creativity of the Venetian Glass Masters and their skilled hands, any line or shape could be formed. Among the many techniques, we can mention blowing glass, glass melting, and murine.

The glass-blowing technique is the most popular: artisans blow in the can used to take the molten glass, to inflate the glass. According to the sculpture to create, the blowing could be made freely or within a mold. Then, the glass is modeled with specific tools keeping the temperature constant.

Products often created through this technique are drinking glasses, or the typical “goti de fornase”. At YourMurano, you can check all the best glassware sets to create an elegant atmosphere, inspired by the Venice tradition. From simple tumblers to sophisticated medieval flutes, you can bring a refined drinking glass to your table that will leave your guests astonished.

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