Wall Décor: 7 Incredible Decoration Tips You Should Try

You deserve to stay in a comfortable, beautiful place. To achieve this, you need to consider starting with your walls as they give the overall mood of your house. However, you must be cautious to avoid overdoing it, as it can get messy when you use the wrong colors and designs. You also need to look for designs to make your walls look modern such as using 3d wall panels, which can make your house walls look beautiful and easy to install. This article will explore seven incredible ways to decorate your walls.

  1. Consider Temporary Wallpaper

You can consider using temporary wallpaper when you want to make your wall beautiful and change the designs often. You can consider using the peelable and easy-to-remove wallpaper that you can change after some time. You can look for customized wallpaper such as your own photograph with the design you love.

  1. Hanging Photos and Arts

Another incredible way to change the look of your walls is by hanging art pieces and photos on the wall. However, to avoid destroying your wall, you can consider using removable wall hooks since you don’t have to drill the wall. Depending on the art you wish to hang, consider using a stronger hook that can withstand the weight. Photos and art help make the space look more attractive.

  1. Consider Tile Transfer

To change the look of your kitchen and bathroom, you can consider using tile transfers or tile stickers to add help add beauty and character to your old tiles. This way, you will save much money and labor that you use when replacing the whole thing. Removing them is difficult, but you can consider using elbow grease and water.

  1. Consider Wall Decals

If your wall looks dull and you want to spice it up with some beauty, you can consider using the wall decals. The wall decals are easy to put in and can transform your walls’ look. These are giant stickers that are easy to remove, and you can choose one that will complement your wall and the whole house.

  1. Use Tapestries and Fabric

You can decorate your wall using fabric as they are easy to remove. This method is more expensive than other methods since you have to screws which is not advisable, especially when renting. However, you can consider using tapestries such as the world map, which are easy to put. Additionally, there are different methods you can put it, which include Velcro strips, drapery rods, and coat hangers.

  1. Incorporate Shelves

Shelves are an incredible way to make empty spaces more attractive. They are also an excellent way to increase the storage of things such as decoration flowers. However, removing them can be demanding as you must repaint the walls.

  1. Use Bamboo Blinds

The bamboo blinds are often used for the windows, but you can consider using the roller blinds, which look fabulous as the wall panels. You need to research the appropriate design.

Wrapping Up:

The above are incredible ways to decorate your wall without painting. However, consider factors such as rental or your own home when choosing the method. Additionally, consider the impact it has on the wall.

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