Common FAQs About Abstract Rugs!

If you’re interested in purchasing new Abstract Rugs for your home or office, then you’re definitely going to have a lot of questions that need to be answered. The good news is that rug experts at in-person showrooms and online will always be willing to help answer your concerns and put you in the right direction towards a quality purchase.

We’ve partnered up with the online rug specialists at Rug Source Inc. to support us in creating this list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about abstract rugs. So if you’re thinking about getting new abstract rugs for your home or office, keep the following questions in mind!

What Exactly Is An Abstract Rug?

An abstract rug is a style of modern rug that is typically very appealing from a visual standpoint due to the vast array of colors and design elements found within the rug’s texture. Most abstract rugs are considered to be timeless works of art, and this rug style has developed a tremendous deal in recent decades.

Abstract rugs will often utilize geometric shapes and nuanced design themes to speak more intricately to the viewer.

Why Are Abstract Rugs Good For Residential Interior Design?

Although abstract rugs are known for their obscure colors and design features, they’re actually incredibly popular within contemporary interior design themes. Today abstract rugs can be found in just about any modern home, and this is partly because they’re incredibly versatile and come in a vast selection of variety.

There are dozens of different abstract rug styles and patterns to keep in mind while you’re undergoing your shopping process, and all these styles will ultimately put you in a good position to match your existing home aesthetics and furniture setup!

Which Abstract Rug Types Will Best Match My Specific Lifestyle?

What’s great about abstract rugs is that, if you’re into it in general, there’s likely going to be a style that perfectly matches your specific taste and interior décor requirements.

One safe option to consider is an abstract rug featuring pastel or neutral colors, because you don’t always have to invest in abstract rugs that are extremely colorful and loud from a design standpoint. There are actually many different abstract rug styles out there that seamlessly blend in within more modest décor styles.

Where Would Be Good Places To Put My New Abstract Rugs?

You can likely place an abstract rug in just about any room within your home, including places like your bedroom, living room or dining room. There are many different functional purposes of abstract rugs that go far beyond their aesthetics, including protecting your floors and providing more comfortable foot traffic.

So you don’t need to worry about where exactly you should place your new abstract rugs, because depending upon the unique rug’s style, it can be placed anywhere you so desire!

Are Abstract Rugs Currently In Style?

There are many different styles of abstract rugs that are incredibly popular today in 2022, and a lot of today’s rug shoppers are choosing abstract rugs with pastel colors, incredible geometric designs, and neutral hues.

It’s also important to mention that flatwoven abstract rugs are really popular this year, and what’s great about abstract rugs is that it’s a style that is constantly evolving and keeping up with the latest trends!

Is It Hard To Clean Abstract Rugs With High Piles?

Although high piles are typically more difficult to clean, you can be rest assured that your vacuum cleaner will get into the depths of the rug’s fibers and thoroughly clean out any dirt and debris.

Reach Out To Rug Source, Inc. To See What Abstract Rugs They Currently Have In Stock!

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