Creative S’more Ideas

There’s nothing as magical as a campfire, friends, and a marshmallow on a stick. Whether you gather around campfires in the mountains, the fireplace in your living room, or copper fire pits in the backyard, you can’t go wrong breaking out the crackers and marshmallows. The classic s’more is here to stay, and cannot be improved upon. But if you are in the mood for something different, consider modifying the traditional s’more with one of these fun ideas.


Who doesn’t love bacon? It’s great for breakfast, a snack, and, of course, as a salty addition to a sweet treat. For this s’more variation, simply add bacon to an ordinary s’more stack. If you want to bring out the smoky flavor, use dark chocolate. For a sweeter version, use candied bacon.

Lemon Curd

Are you in the mood for something lighter than the ordinary s’more? Consider a tropical twist. Use white chocolate with lemon curd for a refreshing change. This s’more is perfect for a summer campfire on the beach. For an added change, use vanilla cookies in place of graham crackers.

The Cookie Hack

Use cookies rather than graham crackers. Chocolate-covered graham cookies are an obvious option and can be used without adding more chocolate. Other cookies can add an interesting and unique twist. Chocolate chip cookies are chewy and perfect paired with regular chocolate and marshmallows. Chocolate mint cookies add a refreshing twist, and they also don’t need the addition of any more chocolate since they’re already dipped in it.


Are you looking for a more grown-up or unique s’more? Create a delicious and fancy turtle version for your next fire-pit-centered occasion by adding chopped pecans and drizzled caramel to your ordinary s’more. For a twist, use praline pecans and dark chocolate.

Banana Split

This s’more is perfect for a kid’s occasion that deserves a little extra care and dressing up. A banana split s’more is a fun addition to a birthday party or summer sleepover. Use regular marshmallows, crackers, and chocolate, but add banana slices and strawberry syrup. This makes a tall and very messy s’more, so be prepared with napkins and a camera!

Chocolate Candy Bar

For this fun and easy version of a s’more, simply use a different kind of candy bar rather than basic milk chocolate. This treat is great for a fall bonfire because small bite-sized candy bars are easily available for Halloween. Simply buy a bag of assorted chocolate bars and let everyone have fun trying different versions.

Carmel Coconut

Caramel is a delicious and messy addition to any s’more, and everyone knows that the messier a s’more is, the better! Drizzle caramel over your chocolate and your s’more will taste even sweeter. Add coconut for a nutty twist.

Caramel Apple

Another delicious caramel variation, and perfect for a fall party, is the caramel apple s’more. For this autumn-themed treat, forgo the chocolate and layer thin apple slices on your cracker instead. Drizzle with caramel and then plop your marshmallow on top.

Hazelnut Spread or Peanut Butter

Smear a creamy spread on your cracker before adding your chocolate bar for a different flavor addition. If you want to make your s’more more chocolaty, add a chocolate hazelnut spread. Or add peanut butter for a salty contrast.

Berry Topping

Whether you use white or dark chocolate, adding berries to the mix takes your s’more from a kid’s treat to sophisticated. Raspberries pair well with dark chocolate and chocolate crackers. Strawberries are delicious with regular crackers and white chocolate. Replace the white chocolate with sweetened cream cheese spread and you have strawberry cheesecake!

Black Forest

Another more sophisticated style of s’more, the black forest flavor is a classic. When used as a s’more, the traditional chocolate and cherry combo gets a new look. Use chocolate graham crackers, dark chocolate bars, and a spoonful of cherry pie filling for this treat.

Triple Chocolate

If you are one of those people who thinks there’s no such thing as too much chocolate, this is the treat for you! For a triple chocolate s’more use chocolate graham crackers, chocolate, and chocolate marshmallows. And if you still don’t have enough chocolate, drizzle the whole thing with chocolate syrup.

Nacho S’mores

This is the perfect choice for the night when you are craving a sweet treat but don’t want to start a fire. Spread graham crackers on a platter, and drizzle them liberally with marshmallow spread and either melted chocolate or chocolate syrup- or both! Then you can add any toppings you want- this is a creative endeavor! Consider adding caramel, coconut or other nuts, or berries. Or if you prefer, stick with the classic flavor of chocolate and marshmallow. When it’s time to eat, just grab a cracker and start snacking.

Charcuterie Board

Want to be creative but don’t want to choose just one or two styles of treat? Consider a charcuterie s’more board. Spread a variety of treats on a board and let people mix and match to create their own masterpieces!

Use a variety of cracker and cookie styles, including both honey graham and chocolate graham crackers. Add at least three different flavors of chocolate, and perhaps some various candy bars as well. For fruit, include a variety of berries and sliced fruits. If you can find them, add a few different flavors of marshmallows as well. The hardest part of this treat is limiting yourself to a few!


Whatever version of the classic treat you choose, you can’t go wrong with an evening around a fire with friends, family, and marshmallows.

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