5 Simple Changes to Make Your Kitchen Look Brand New

Your kitchen is the place that sets the tone for the entire house. It’s where delicious food is made (or at least stored) and where family and friends come together to eat, drink, and laugh. Whether you love to cook or not, you probably spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen. The only thing better than a nice and clean kitchen is a new nice and clean kitchen.

If you’ve had your home for a while and you enjoy it but desire a more modern look, there are ways to make it happen. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money on expensive contractors. You can make a few simple changes that will give you the experience of having a brand-new kitchen. Here are five ideas you can use right away while staying within your budget.

Decorate With Your Storage

It might seem like containers don’t make much difference when updating your kitchen. But the way you store food and supplies can be practical and decorative at the same time. Your kitchen makeover will be especially noticeable if it is unorganized to start. The best way to use this idea is to think of a theme for your kitchen before you choose your containers and start organizing.

Do you want to go for a more sleek and sophisticated look? How about setting it up as a friendly farmhouse? The theme of your kitchen will determine whether you use classy chevron canisters for your dry ingredients or trendy mason jars.

If you prefer clean countertops, you can use decorative shelving to store your essentials while keeping them within reach. Do your kitchen cabinets look old and dated? You could pull out all the top cabinets and use shelves instead. It will give your kitchen a new, clean, and organized look without spending money on new cabinets.

Add a Breakfast Area

Nothing says “good morning” like the smell of breakfast in the kitchen. Setting up a breakfast area would be a perfect addition to increase the homey feel. Depending on the amount of space, you can add a small coffee cart and set up your Keurig or coffee pot with condiments, mugs, and maybe even some biscotti. The new setup can make the kitchen more modern and declutter your countertops if you have a lot of gadgets.

There are lots of carts to choose from, so you will probably be able to find a cart that goes well with your kitchen’s theme. If breakfast is not your thing, you can decide how to set it up to please you and your family. But be sure to keep it decorative and organized because it may be the focal point of your kitchen.

Add Customized Accessories

You don’t have to make extravagant changes to give your kitchen to improve its style and impress your guests. Purchasing new stainless steel appliances can be very expensive, and that alone may not provide the look you desire.

But this is a case where less is more. You don’t have to replace all or any of your major appliances to make your kitchen look new. You can make small changes using a new kitchen island or looking into CopperSmith range hoods. The right style will pair nicely with the rest of the room, and you won’t have to break the bank.

Use Light Colors

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make any room feel newer. You can paint your kitchen to add to the look of the remodel, but you should keep the color light. Soft colors tend to make spaces look larger and more open. If you don’t already have an open kitchen, this is a way to make the space feel roomier.

You can keep the same color trend by decorating with soft colors in other ways. You can coordinate light tones with splashes of color by decorating with dishes, shelving, and other wall hangings.

Install New Flooring

The kitchen flooring is another example of a budget-friendly update that can give the appearance of a whole new remodel. Depending on the type of flooring you have, you may be able to purchase tiles to overlay on the existing floor. This makes it easier to change the look, color, and style without a huge out-of-pocket expense.

You can use the same color technique on the floors by choosing light tones that blend well with the rest of the decor. If you like the flooring you have, you can always touch up little areas that may need some repair and do some spot cleaning and waxing.

Final Thoughts

Most people spend lots of time at home now, and much of that time is spent in the kitchen. It’s the place where family and friends may gather for food and fellowship. You want it to look nice and impress your guests. You don’t have to spend an excessive amount of money to achieve this goal. You can make simple changes throughout the kitchen that will make other people think you did a complete remodel.

You can start by updating the way you store your kitchen supplies and food items. You can also add a breakfast area or new accessories to give the space a fancier look. Lastly, you can enhance the theme of your kitchen and make it look bigger by using light colors and new flooring. With these simple upgrades, you can have the remodel of your dreams and save money at the same time.