How to Choose the Right Color Scheme for Your Craftsman-Style Home

You’ve probably heard of a craftsman-style home or even seen one. If you’re not sure what it is, let’s find out. This is one of the most charming styles you could choose for decorating your home. It applies to both interior and exterior design. Here’s how you can achieve this look by using the right color scheme and decoration details in your home.

The traits of a craftsman-style home

There are plenty of craftsman-style houses all over USA and Canada. The most prominent trait of this style is rich colors (often earthy or contrasting), and warm details that make a home look artistic. With new, modern designs trending, you can even design your home in neutral and nature-inspired colors. If you want to choose the best color scheme for this style and get started in the design process, take a look at the following ideas.

Color palette inspired by nature

The design of a craftsman-style home is often a mix of nature-inspired and artistic elements. If you have a house surrounded by plenty of greenery, this style might be just right for you. What you should look for are rich tones and natural hues like browns and cream colors. Every color resembling colors you can find in nature is welcome. So, consider looking into earthy colors like olive green, deep red, all browns, and sandy colors. Mixing up these colors can make a great effect on the both interior and exterior design of your home. Keep in mind that these colors can look heavy if not mixed well.  Try to mix up lighter and darker shades to highlight some details.

Modern craftsman-style home design

If you don’t want to achieve a full-rustic design, there is another option. Modern interior design is also something you can consider for your craftsman-style home. This will require some nature-inspired tones mixed with whites and nudes. The way to achieve this design is to keep the craftsman-looking colors but add contrasting, modern colors like white, grey, and nude. For example, if you choose dark, earthy colors for the furniture and carpets in your house, consider painting interior walls and window frames, a porch, or plant pots in a lighter shade. White details can bring more light into any room and resemble a modern home design.

Neutral interior ideas for Craftsman-style homes

Using earthy colors can be great in home design, but only when applied with caution. Too many dark-colored details can “suffocate” the room, especially if there is not enough natural sunlight. This is why natural and lighter colors are a better solution for smaller houses. If you want to achieve a natural interior design, you will have to rely on highlighting and mixing up different shapes and angles.

Natural (or nude) colors can look a bit boring if not incorporated well. For this home design, you want to use different shades of earthy browns and greens with more beige and nude colors. Also, pay attention to details – when using nude shades, you will have to rely on certain details like picture frames, lamps, or plant pots that look unique and stand out from the rest of the design. The biggest pro of natural interior design for your craftsman-style home is more sunlight and a welcoming feel to every room.

Details to consider when decorating your craftsman-style home

If you want to remodel and decorate your Canadian home from scratch to achieve a craftsman-style design, you will have to pay attention to details. If you’re just moving into a new home, experts from Number 1 Movers Canada suggest hiring assistance for unpacking all of your boxes. If you have any sensitive inventory like artistic decoration or artwork, this will be the best way to protect them. Before remodeling your craftsman-style home from scratch, here are some things you should consider:

  • Install multipane windows and doors. Making your windows look like they’re not in one piece, but rather in 4 or 6 pieces, can look very interesting. Moreover, this is one of the common designs for a craftsman-style home. When it comes to the doors, you should rather remodel them than install new ones. Some sanding and a coat of fresh paint could give your doors a rustic look, which will fit this design perfectly.
  • Choose the lighting carefully. Standard lighting fixtures (especially central ceiling light) will not do work for this design. For a craftsman-style home, you will have to opt for rustic-looking lanterns and old-school floor lamps. Try to look for inspiration during sunset – pay attention to how the last sunrays lay on different details in every room.
  • Incorporate rustic, old or antique details, and artwork. Any craftsman-style home relies on details like these. Whether it’s interior or exterior design, make sure to add objects and items that are unique and personal. It’s best if you or some of your friends made it. It could be a flower vase, a part of the fence in the yard, or a sculpture you like.

Remodeling your home after the move

If you’re moving into a new house in Canada and want to achieve a craftsman-style design, this article probably gave you some ideas. However, the process of moving a long distance can take a lot of time and effort. If you have to move in a rush, specialized crews can step in and save you the trouble. While you’re looking for ways to design your new property, it’s better to let professionals do all the hard work. There are plenty of craftsman-style homes in Canada, but creating one from scratch will require a lot of your time and imagination.

Choosing the best color scheme for exterior design

A craftsman-style home is not only about the exterior of your home but also the outside look of it. If you want to achieve this design, you should go for a natural-looking yard and landscaping. No matter how much space you have in your yard, you should focus on elements like wood, plants, stone, and other nature-inspired things.

Also, don’t hesitate to mix up indoor and outdoor elements in your home. After all, who says your living room can’t look like a garden, right? Once you get some decoration ideas, try making patterns with white pebbles in your garden or make a mosaic on the exterior wall from stones of different colors. You can also use the same technique for your dining table or the top of your kitchen aisle. Consider incorporating warm colors with copper and bronze details. It will work well both inside and outside of your home.


Having a unique design for your home is a lot of work, and it requires months of planning and decorating. We hope our list of ideas brought some inspiration so now you can start creating a craftsman-style design inside and outside of your new home.

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