Answering Air Conditioner Repair FAQs From Salt Lake City UT Homeowners!

It’s normal for homeowners to have a ton of questions when they notice that their air conditioning system isn’t working as it’s supposed to, and HVAC experts generally are your only option when you need AC repairs.

We’ve teamed up with the air conditioner repair salt lake city ut experts at Beehive Heating & Air to answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that they receive from their clients throughout northern Utah.

So, check out the answers to the below questions if you’re concerned about what’s currently happening with your property’s HVAC system!

How long do air conditioner repairs take?

When an AC system malfunctions or breaks down, you’ll naturally want to get it repaired as quickly as possible so that your home or business can be more comfortable during the heat of the summer. This is one reason why a lot of customers are typically concerned about how long AC repairs take to complete.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that your AC repair appointment’s duration will largely depend upon what type of services are needed at your property. But when you team up with a fully stocked HVAC team, you can often receive diagnoses and repair services all in one comprehensive visit.

How much do AC repairs cost?

Calculating AC repair costs is sometimes straightforward and other times more complicated. There are many different factors that influence repair costs, including warranty coverage and the extent of damages.

Be sure to get detailed estimates from HVAC companies prior to making any repair investments. The good news is that most HVAC businesses will offer financing options for their customers, which make these often unexpected repairs more affordable.

Why is my air conditioner not working correctly?

AC repairs tend to happen at very inconvenient times, like in the heat of the summer when you need your unit the most. This is probably one of the most common questions that HVAC companies receive during the summer, because it’s nearly impossible for the average homeowner to diagnose an air conditioner malfunction without professional support.

Although some AC repairs are more common than others, you’ll undoubtedly need a professional diagnostic appointment to pinpoint the exact source of your system’s issues.

Why does my air conditioner smell badly?

There are many different AC repairs that entail strange odors emanating from a malfunctioning system. There are a few different causes for strange AC smells, including unwanted critters living within the depths of your system—and even mildew development.

HVAC experts will be able to get to the source of the smells and let you know what repair strategies would work best for your unique scenario.

Why is my AC system making my electric bills skyrocket?

If you’re noticing that your electric bills are abnormally high during the summer months, it could mean that you’re in need of AC repairs. This type of issue is sometimes sourced back to malfunctioning internal components, which are causing your system to overcompensate and lose efficiency—which inevitably leads to higher bills.

Professional AC repairmen can thoroughly diagnose your AC issues before they lead to energy usage spikes, and the odds are that you’ll quickly see your monthly bills normalize shortly after your repair appointment.

But if your energy bills are still high after your AC repair job, it might mean that you need to consider efficiency improvements or new system investments to make your AC system more affordable.

How can I prevent AC issues from occurring?

Prevention is always the first recourse for AC repairs, and the best way for home and business owners to prevent these issues is to invest in seasonal maintenance appointments.

During these maintenance appointments, your HVAC expert will complete all sorts of diagnostics and cleanings to ensure that your system is set up for an efficient future. Experts can also help you to detect and resolve lingering AC issues that may end up requiring more extensive repairs later on.

How do I fix blank thermostat screens?

A lot of AC repairs are sourced back to thermostat malfunctions, and in today’s industry, a lot of people are using smart thermostats that feature touchscreens and other tech-savvy features.

Blank screens are a common concern voiced by people who own smart thermostats, and the good news is that these issues are typically pretty easy to fix. You may only need to troubleshoot and recalibrate your thermostat to get it back to normal again!

What kind of repair do I need when my AC is leaking?

AC leaks are one of the most common types of issues that occur among homeowners, and it’s a significant dilemma that always requires immediate professional attention. AC leaks can often lead to structural and water damages throughout a property when neglected for too long.

This type of repair project will generally require drain pan care, drain line attention, and refrigerant replacement. Experts of course will be able to pinpoint the exact source of your system’s leak and have it repaired within a matter of hours!

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