The ideal desk setup: A guide.

The concept of standing desks sounds quite simple. But in reality there has to be a correct kind of “ergonomic” setup in order to achieve efficiency without being tired. It is said that a person can truly work when he/she is exposed to the correct kind of environment and in this case it needs to be both comfortable and where you can stay focused.

Working from home has made a whole new difference in the field of office work. Home offices have the benefit of working from your own comfortable space be it your bed or sofa or bean bag!

The tips to the ideal desk setup.

  • Practice removal and minimalism. Sometimes our desks can be disorganized or overloaded with lots of extra and useless things that are not helpful or required during our work for example- bottles, books etc. Such things need to be cleared out in order to make space for essential things.
  • Try and imitate your office space into your own room to bring about familiarity and ease while working from home.
  • Feel free to surround yourself with items that give you inspiration and comfort. It is obvious that when you are in a cozy space, you feel positive and that will ensure good productivity.

A standing desk refers to a desk that helps you to stand and do your work as the name suggests. One of the drawbacks of a job with long hours is sitting too much. It not just increases the risk of health problems like heart diseases, diabetes or even some cancers but it can also have a negative effect on your mental health. So a standing desk can be the perfect cure for making your work hours a bit more upbeat and exciting. It is the easiest way to initiate physical activity in your day to day life. You can get a custom built standing desk to meet your specific needs.

Ergonomic standing desk setup.

Following ways can be followed to suit your taste about arranging desks.

  • Position your monitor atleast one arm’s length away from you. If your screen (laptop) is too far from you, then you will be forced to lean which will cause posture problem. Therefore, placement of the screen is of great significance.
  • Tilt your monitor a bit upwards to stop reflections as it can cause pressure on the eyes and neck. When you tilt the screen a little bit, it will prevent reflection.
  • When you are using a standing desk, stand directly in front of the monitor. If you observe that you are moving too much while standing, then it may be a cause of tiredness and you should sit or take a break from long standing hours.
  • Another important thing to keep n mind is to keep your elbows at a 90 degree angle while typing or using the keyboard. You should be able to rest your wrists comfortably on the desk or else it may lead to joint pains.
  • Lastly, use an anti-fatigue mat or a proper non-hard surface to stand when using adjustable standing desks which will allow muscles to move freely to ensure even distribution of pressure while standing.

Another variation in standing desks is an L-shaped standing desk. It s a smart desk that’s ergonomic, customizable and quite resourceful. The shape of it makes it fit to any corner of the room. The desk comes with an anti-rust steel frame that s easy to assemble. It’s inbuilt with a triple motor system that makes it unbelievably sturdy and efficient. It has 4 height settings to go well with a variety of sitting and standing requirements. It has a weight carrying capacity of around 330lbs and is automated with the help of buttons. And the best part of the L-shaped standing desk is that it has a 5 year warranty on the frame and 10 year warranty for its top. So, without wasting any time, invest on such great furniture pieces.

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