Is Duct Cleaning Really Required Once a Year?

It’s commonly thought that duct cleaning is required only once a year. However, there are circumstances where this is not true. While once a year is a good guide to how often to get duct cleaning completed, there are times when it may be necessary to clean more often. This articlewill explore the indicators that show when you need duct cleaning in Melbourne more often than once a year.

 When You Need Duct Cleaning in Melbourne More Frequently

There are some tell-tale signs that show when you need duct cleaning more frequently than once per year. These signs include:

 There’s Smoke in the House

If you have smokers in your home, then you will likely need to get duct cleaning in Melbourne done more frequently than once a year. This is because smoke infuses itself into the dust particles in your ducts, so whenever your HVAC system is turned on, smoke will be blown all around your home, which can add a musty smell and cause people to breathe in smoke even if they’re not active smokers themselves. This form of passive smoking can lead to ill health just as it can in smokers. To prevent smoke from being inhaled by everyone in your house, get duct cleaning done once a year or more frequently.

Your Bills Have Gone Up

If your electricity bill has mysteriously gone up in recent times, it could be because your ducts are dirty. When ducts are full of dust, dirt, mould, fungus, rodents, insects, possums, birds, dead animals and faeces, it can be really hard for your HVAC system to push air through them. As a result, your HVAC system will be straining to get air through the ducts, which means it will be using more electricity and resulting in high energy bills. If you notice a spike in your electricity bills, you may need duct cleaning in Melbourne more often than once a year.

You’ve Done Renovations

If you’ve recently done renovations in your home, then your ducts are likely to be dirty. So even if you’ve had duct cleaning in Melbourne done recently, you may need to have it done again after your renovations are finished. All kinds of building debris can find its way into your ducts, and you don’t want to be breathing that stuff into your lungs whenever you put your HVAC system on for heating or cooling. Ensure you getget duct cleaning done on completion of your renovations.


Many companies offeringduct cleaning in Melbourne recommend an annual visit as the average time that people need duct cleaning done. However, the real estimate of when you need duct cleaning is based on the conditions in your home. If anyone smokes in your home, you’ll likely need more frequent duct cleaning. If you notice a spike in your electricity bill, that could also be a sign that your ducts need cleaning. Lastly, renovations can create shavings, dust and other grime in your ducts thatnecessitate duct cleaning on a more frequent basis.