Having a pool in your backyard provides the best way to enjoy summer swims and have endless fun with your family throughout the season. You need to ensure that your pool is in good condition to enhance your outdoor activities with your family. One common thing with all pools is a pool deck. A pool deck is where the swimmers get through into and out of the pool. It also provides a perfect place for them to relax after a swim.

A quality and well-installed pool deck can last for many years, but it is still prone to water damage, leading to wear and tear. Here are the signs that indicate a pool deck needs resurfacing.

Visible wear and tear

The first obvious sign that your pool deck needs resurfacing is visible wear and tear on the pool deck. Faults such as cracks and chips make the pool deck appear unsightly, and they also pose a safety hazard to the swimmers. Trip hazards are prevalent in worn-out decks, and you want to avoid that. Resurfacing your deck as early as possible prevents the problem from worsening and restores your pool deck’s aesthetic appeal and safety. All you should do is type pool deck resurfacing near me in the search engine and select your options from the results.

Slippery spots

If your pool surface is becoming slippery day by day, that is a sign that it is not in good condition and resurfacing is necessary. That indicates that the skid-resistant additives and texture of the deck material are worn out over the years due to the weather and other conditions. A slippery pool deck is even more dangerous because it can cause slip and fall accidents. When you resurface your pool deck, it gets new skid-resistant additives and a new texture to provide enough foot traction for the pool users.

Hot surfaces

As your pool deck takes the weather’s beating over the years, the finish begins to fade, and the coating that prevents it from absorbing excess sunrays wears away. In such a case, you will notice that your pool deck becomes extremely hot such that the surface can burn anyone who walks on it bare feet. That is hazardous to small kids. If your pool deck’s surface gets too hot to walk on a sunny day, it is time for resurfacing. The deck resurfacing specialists add a new protective layer to make it cool enough to touch, walk on or even sit on.

Faded colors

Many pools are located under direct sunlight to prevent the need for pool heating and reduce maintenance. However, the sun’s direct exposure takes its toll on the pool deck, resulting in faded colors. If you notice that your pool deck’s nice color has faded off, consider resurfacing it.

Rough surfaces

Whenever your pool deck surface begins to feel rough, it signifies a deteriorating pool surface. That means the gunite below the finished concrete has already started to show through. A protective coating can be added over the gunite surface through resurfacing, resulting in a smooth pool deck surface.

The bottom line

Whenever you get any of the signs mentioned above on your pool deck, look for a reputable pool resurfacing company near you to resurface it. By resurfacing it, you also boost your curb appeal and home value.