How to use fans for modern decor?

If you have modern decor in your house, you probably will look out for ways to use ceiling fans accurately. It is the small elements in your house that either enhance the entire look or bring it down.

Many people do not prefer installing ceiling fans in their modern house. Well, if you are one of them, you’re probably wrong. If you style the ceiling fans the right way, it becomes straightforward for you to manage. The ceiling fans can be a great addition to your house.

If you are getting ceiling fans for your modern house, you need to use them as decorative elements. The ceiling fans are more than just the cooling elements. However, it is necessary to understand what your requirements are. The ceiling fans are meant to add comfort to your house, so how can you add them as a decorative element.

How to add ceiling fans?

The interior designers suggest that many homeowners have questions like this. But, it is essential to use the process carefully. The placement of the ceiling fan will play an important role in adding the decorative elements.

Ceiling fans need to be used the right way for bringing about all the benefits. If you are using ceiling fans for decorative purposes, you need to use attractive ones. Fanscity has a wide range of decorative fans that you can use in the long run.

Some of the common benefits of using ceiling fans include the following:

Choose the material

Since you are using the ceiling fan for decorative purposes, you need to be careful while choosing the material. Steel and metal are some of the favourite elements for enhancing the look of your modern decor.

Many homeowners, however, prefer using ceiling fans with chrome and nickel finished. Moreover, it would help if you did not go overboard with it. Instead, you can consider keeping it simple and basic to get additional advantages.

Metallic finishes

If your fan has long blades, you need to choose one that boasts a metallic finish. If the ceiling fans are to be placed in a higher position, the use of metallic finishes can be extremely important. Moreover, you can also consider adding retroelements such as etched details, wire components and more.

Moreover, if you don’t want subtle designs, you can opt for metallic finishes with a basic touch of white shades.

Pastels are the new trends

People are falling in love with exotic pastels. The inclusion of pastel fans in the interiors will help to enhance the overall impact. However, the pastel fans can easily complement your modern decor. However, if you include pastel colours, you need to maintain the balance of colours or appear weird.


If you have a monochrome theme for your house, you should maintain them. Hence, it would help if you chose metallic, white or black coloured fans. It can also play an important role in catering to the needs of your minimalistic decor.

No matter what type of theme you are following, it is extremely necessary to maintain the colour balance. You can follow the basic techniques for maintaining the proper look in your house.