Arranging a room to study

Arranging a comfortable, safe space to study isn’t easy, especially if you have no idea what to focus on. Luckily, now you are here and we prepared a short list of things you should take care of before starting your studying session or first online lesson.

Find a quiet, comfortable space

Studying is hard enough itself, so you don’t need your family members walking around or TV tempt you with a multitude of possibilities. Actually, the best studying space might be your own room if you can remove all the distractions.

First of all, get a comfortable desk and an ergonomic chair: this set will be a place, where you will spend at least a couple of hours every day. Thus, make sure you are comfortable while sitting there and that the furnitures won’t cause you any pain during a longer studying session.

Make sure no one will bother you

Your study room is your asylum – at least during the time you are actually learning something or attending an online lesson. If someone else is at home with you, make sure they won’t bother you during that time. It might be a good idea to get a small door hanger or at least a piece of paper, on which you can write down a simple information “do not disturb” or “lessons will be finished at xx”.

Avoid distractions

Home office or room designed to studying are located in the place, that holds many distractions: your very own house. We are sure you will feel tempted to prepare lunch while studying, perhaps listen do some music and check out social media while at it. All those distractions are stealing your time and making you way less efficient. Have you ever considered, that if you focus – really focus – on your lesson or studying – it will take way less time than when you let the distractions come in?

Try to turn off all the devices that might make you distracted: TV, computer (and if you need it to study, stick only to the programs you actually need to use), smartphone – and stay focused on your studying at least for half an hour or, preferably, even longer. You will see effects in no time!

Organize your space

Mentioned above technological distractions might not be the only ones that will meet you during your studying day. Another one is… lack of organization in your study room. Notes lying everywhere, books and pens will effectively keep you away from your studying.

That’s why you should organize your studying space. Try to hide any books you are not currently using and always clip your notes together – that will help you focus. Clean spaces keep us calm and concentrated!

Use office supplies to help yourself study

When arranging a good studying space for yourself, you can’t forget about writing supplies. They will help you organize the space, but also – make your studying more efficient. Without the need to look for a missing page from your notes, you can spend your time more productively and thus – have more of it to do what you please.

If you will keep in mind all of our advices, your study room should be perfect for your needs. However, keep in mind that while half of the work is creating a friendly space – the other part is about a good mindset.