What is the difference between a bay window and a bow window?

Choosing between a bay window and a bow window can be confusing for homeowners who are looking for a new installation or replacement. Both window types are somewhat identical in structure and other features. To select one of the two windows to find a perfect fit for your home and needs, you need to know the differences in both windows. Here’s some insight to help you make an informed choice on your window selection:

·       Window divisions

A bay window comprises of three window panes – typically two smaller side panes and a large central pane. Meanwhile, a bow window is divided into about four to six window panes of similar sizes. A bow window usually has more glass area that allows better lightening into the scenery of the indoor environment. Distinctive panes are common to both window types, but a bow window has more panes than a bay window.

·       Shape projection

As established earlier, a bay window has three panes which are protruded forward to make angular lines forming a square-like shape. The bow window on the other hand has a curved shape. For the bow window, its structure is not so sharp and it leaves a subtle impact on the exterior home design. This may partly be owed to its size and scope. Contrariwise, the bay window has a pointed and clearly defined structure. If you prefer your windows well highlighted, a bay window is a guaranteed bet.

·       Installation

Installing any of the two windows is not a walk in the park as they both compel appropriate measurements among other requirements. Nonetheless, a bow window installation is more difficult because of its size and technicalities. Bow windows replacement should be considered when the windows are damaged, or in use for more than a decade. It is highly recommended that bow windows replacement are done by verified professionals who have worked with this type of window in the past.

·       Scenery

Scenery from a bay window comes in a larger squared angle view, limiting the outdoor scene per angle. For a bow window, its curved shaped allows for a wide coverage of outdoor activities which is usually much better than what a bay window offers. Unlike bay windows, the view is generally not interrupted by the angled window panes and is far reaching. It goes without saying that both windows offer great exterior views and are slightly distinct in scenery coverage.

There’s more to your home than your décor, and a window contributes tons of value to the home’s entirety! Bow and bay windows are great options, and depending on your home and taste, one of the two can definitely be a great fit!