Bird Control for Crops and Agriculture

What do you do about birds eating your crops and plants? Set up a scarecrow like the Wizard of Oz? As it turns out, these days there are much more effective methods. Bird problems in agriculture most often occur because birds want the food growing in the field. As such this is what we are going to be most vigilant in defending.

The first bird control method that works for crops and agriculture is bird netting. Bird netting can be installed around crops so that birds cannot eat them. The netting also leaves space for sunlight and rain to hit crops so they are still able to grow.

Bird netting comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different hole sizes and different materials designed for different bird species. It is the most fool-proof option for bird control. If installed properly, bird netting excludes birds with 100% effectiveness, lasts 20+ years, and endures all weather conditions.

Bird netting is our top recommendation for most bird control scenarios, including protecting crops and agriculture. No other method excludes birds with as much certainty as bird netting.

The next bird control method that works for crops and agriculture is methyl anthranilate. Methyl anthranilate is the best chemical option for repelling birds. It is a grape flavoring agent that repels birds by its scent and taste. Methyl anthranilate can be sprayed over crops and plants to prevent birds from eating them.

Methyl anthranilate is a good option for bird control for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that it repels birds. They experience a pain sensation when they notice the smell or taste of it. Crows, pigeons, sparrows, and all other birds species have the same taste and smell receptors, so methyl anthranilate works on all types.

The next reason is that methyl anthranilate is safe for humans. The grape flavoring is efficient to keep birds away, but it does not affect humans in any way. Unlike other pesticides, methyl anthranilate does not cause any damage or harm to humans. It also does not affect the taste of the crops. In spite of being a grape flavoring agent, applying methyl anthranilate as a pesticide does not alter the taste.

Methyl anthranilate is also safe for the earth and will not damage the soil that it is used on.

Methyl anthranilate will last 10-14 days if sprayed on crops. It will endure through light or moderate rain, but will need to be reapplied through heavy rain. It can be bought online at bird control retail websites or supplied through a bird control company like AviAway.

Another method of bird control for crops and agriculture is sound deterrents. These machines broadcast bird species distress cries and predator calls, signaling the birds to avoid the area.

Of bird control methods, sound deterrents are usually among the least effective, but they can work in conjunction with other methods like bird netting and methyl anthranilate.

Summary: Bird netting, methyl anthranilate, and sound deterrents are bird control methods for crops and agriculture.

If you’ve been having a bird problem of a bigger magnitude or for longer than six months, consider calling a bird control company like AviAway. AviAway offers free bird control consultations. Visit their website or call 844-247-3373 to set up a free consultation.