Why Install sylvania light fixtures In Your Workplace

When you think of workplace lighting, you probably imagine fluorescent lights and glass-covered light fixtures filled with buzzing bulbs. Light fixtures can make or break your office space, creating either a comfortable and productive environment for employees or something that induces sleep at your desk when the sun goes down. Here are some benefits of incorporating sylvania light fixtures into your workplace.

Increase Productivity

The first and most obvious benefit of incorporating light fixtures into your office space is increased productivity. In fact, a study found that better indoor lightning could increase productivity by as much as 10%. And productivity is just the tip of the benefits iceberg from good lighting.

Well-lit workplaces can help improve employee morale and reduce stress, which in turn leads to happier employees and a reduction in turnover, sick days, and voluntary resignations. This is because natural, non-intrusive light encourages employees to be more alert, more focused, and more collaborative.

It’s no secret that most people work better when there is ample lighting. The trick is finding the right kind of lighting for your office space. Do you want something bright or do you prefer something a little softer? Is there enough light from your fixtures to go around? What kind of lighting fixtures are you currently using in your rooms?

Create a More Enjoyable Environment

Humans are visual creatures, and the surroundings play a big role in how you feel on a daily basis. If you work in a drab, dimly lit office, you probably feel more exhausted and less productive than if you were in a brightly lit space.

Well-lit offices create a more enjoyable environment for employees and customers, which is critical if your employees interact with customers regularly. Good sylvania light fixtures can also help set the tone for the rest of your office culture. If you want your employees to feel creative, innovative, and excited about the work they do, it makes sense to have the right lighting to foster that kind of energy and emotion in the space itself.

Emphasize Company Culture and Values

Lighting is just one way to emphasize the culture and values of your company. The way you choose to light your office can say a lot about the kind of company you are and the type of employee you want to attract.

Whatever your company culture and values are, you can incorporate them into your office lighting. This will help attract the type of employee you want on board as well as reinforce a sense of pride among current employees.

Reduce Operating Costs

Did you know that up to 22% of a company’s energy bill is due to lighting? Poorly installed and maintained light fixtures can cause unnecessary strain on your company’s energy consumption, which in turn leads to higher operational costs. Good lighting doesn’t have to be costly, however. In fact, you can save money by investing in more energy-efficient lighting.

Switching to LEDs or installing dimmers can reduce your energy consumption by around 70%. This reduction in operational costs can be put towards other areas or towards improving benefits for employees. Lastly, you could also consider purchasing green light bulbs that are more energy-efficient than traditional light bulbs.

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