Are you looking for new wall décor ideas for your room? A few improvements may transform a house into a home, and those blank walls are full of potential. Your walls can be tailored to see everything you admire, whether you are an art collector or a bookworm. If you’re ready to make those drab, empty walls into fashionable focal points, continue reading. We have techniques that can enhance your walls and highlight your personality and taste regardless of your style.

Make a gallery wall

Nothing brings more aesthetics and color than a gallery wall. Add some paintings or photos, wall hangings, and other personal items to your walls. Pick coordinating frames, or include a variety of intricate variations to spice things up. A good tip is to extend the gallery wall to the ceiling to give the appearance of a larger area.

A shimmer wall

Consider making the walls more attractive in addition to the things you hang on them. You can use a high-quality shimmer backdrop for one of your interior walls. Shimmer panels require very little upkeep and cleaning, and they come with a non-toxic coating applied to them to guard against fading, scraping, and peeling. For instance, you can integrate a gold shimmer wall to create a beautiful focal point in your home.

Use large-scale art

A giant artwork or image will draw attention and set the mood in a compact area. Try adding a black-and-white photograph to a minimalist room or adding color with a colorful abstract painting. If you have a more prominent wall, you can opt for small-scale arts to bring some life into the space.

Display a fabric

A tapestry or wall hanging may give your living room a neutral touch and a bit of color and pattern. You can turn old scarves or other lovely textiles into wall hangings, which are far simpler to transfer than framed paintings when relocating to a new home.

Mount mirrors

Mirrors make a tiny area appear bigger and brighter by reflecting light into the room. Consider hanging a large mirror or placing many smaller pieces on the wall.

Create shelving

Take your library to the wall if you’ve run out of room on the floor for shelves. Install floating shelves to hold hardcover books, miniature sculptures, and other miscellaneous items.

Go greener

You can make a difference by being more environmentally friendly. The windowsill is not the only place for plants to grow. Consider hanging or wall-mounted planters to bring a little greenery to your area and nature to your walls. Choose a high-quality artificial plant if you’re not a huge fan of water (and no one will probably ever be the wiser).

Mounting your television

Possibly another route? Fix your TV to a wall. By mounting a flat screen, you can remove your media cabinet from the wall and give your living room a complete makeover. Additionally, some televisions are made to look like works of art while they are not in use.

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