Investment in real estate in Turkey

Not everyone considers the advantages and disadvantages of living in Turkey, the pros and cons of doing so, and the possible obstructions that may arise when you plan to купить недвижимость в Турции. In our review, we will take into account these and other questions.

Promising and wonderful open doors

The Turkish real estate market offers numerous and shifted open doors and choices and this variety is one of the primary explanations behind the strength and qualification of land in Turkey, which is because of the immeasurability of Turkey, and the different nature and environment of its urban communities. The country has a lot of real estate options and price competition because of its strong infrastructure. This creates growth prospects for Turkey’s real estate from the east to the west and the north to the south.

These properties are either residential, like villas and apartments, or commercial, like shops and offices. The constant rise in apartment prices in Turkey as a result of constant foreign demand increases the strength of real estate investment prospects there.

Numerous opportunities for starting your own business 

Associating the granting of Turkish citizenship with the ownership of real estate valued at 250,000 USD, whether it be an apartment, office, villa, or shop, and on favourable terms, has elevated Turkey’s position as one of the best nations for real estate investment.

A foreigner with a residence permit and a home worth has numerous opportunities to start their own business. He can officially register a company, legal entity, LLC, or joint-stock company using the same two-week process as native-born citizens of the country. In comparison to other nearby resort powers, starting a business requires little capital. In addition, foreign businessmen enjoy a number of advantages that local businesses do not, such as tax benefits.