Rat Glue Boards: The Ultimate Rat Capture Solution

Rodents, especially rats, are known as carriers of various diseases. Rat-bite fever and plague were once a threat to humanity. They can also contaminate food and water resources. In short, exposure to these little monsters can lead to illness and property damage. Their existence may also affect your drainage system making your house an awful place to live. There are various ways to eliminate or prevent rats from entering our house. Rat glue boards are an effective solution to capture the rodent and throw him out of the house. Whether rats make you sick at home or office, this trap will help you like never before. Let us learn what these rat glue traps are, how they work, and their benefits.

How Do Rat Glue Boards Work?

The rat glue board is a flat rectangular boar coated with a solid adhesive substance on one side. The adhesive used to apply on the rectangular panel is robust so that the rats cannot escape from it. Some rat glue boards have attractants such as scents or food-based products. Once the rodent is struck on the board, it will remain on until the rat is safely disposed of. Contact a pest control professional to ensure the board is a pet safe rat trap

Benefits Of Rat Glue Traps

·        Effectiveness

Rat glue boards have proven to be highly effective in capturing rodents. It is one of the most reliable methods to get relief from rats. It ensures the rats do not free themselves once trapped on this glue board.

·        Non-Toxic Solution

Being a human, you might think that the rat glue traps can be an injustice to rats if they kill them. But do not worry. The adhesive and the attractants on the rat glue traps are non-toxic, and it does not kill them. Also, the chemicals do not affect children, pets, and non-targeted animals. Still, it might not be a pet-safe rat trap because the pet’s fur, mouth, or other body part may get stuck on it. To avoid this, ensure that you place it in the corner where your pet does not reach.

·        Easy-To-Use

The rat glue traps are straightforward to install. You do not have to make much effort or read a manual to install it in your house. It would help if you placed it where you feel the rats exist. The most straightforward way to find the rant entry point is to follow its droppings or signs of gnawing.

·        Monitoring And Removal

Glue boards allow the easy tracking of rodent activity. You do not have to guess if the rats have left your house. The result is in front of your eyes.

What To Do Once The Rat Is Trapped?

Once the rat is trapped, dispose of it properly, as the rodent might be diseased. Make use of gloves and wash your hands properly with sanitizer. Ensure you clean the place properly. If you experience too many rats, call professional pest control services.


Once you place the board in the targeted area, check it regularly.