Laying the Foundations: New Dental Office Construction Insights

The first steps on the path of a health professional are usually difficult since; in addition to the lack of experience, other obstacles can be found along the way, such as doubts that arise when setting up your practice. Many dental professionals and medical specialists often choose to start their careers working in clinics or the offices of more experienced colleagues. This practice can give good results since, in addition to gaining more experience with a colleague, you can learn more in theory about what it takes to run a successful business.

But there comes a time when it is necessary to put all this learning into practice and open your own office. As the list of questions is usually long, today, we will help you with advice on the first steps you should take when opening a dental office.

Office Location

Choosing a location with Masterdent for example is the first step in your journey. When opening a dental office, you must know the legislation of your municipality; therefore, before buying or renting a property, go to Health Surveillance and ask for the necessary guidance. It is also important to consult the National Health Surveillance Agency manual for your region, which deals with dental offices.

Regarding the choice of location, everything will depend on the type of service you intend to provide and who your target audience will be, which also directly implies your specialization. In some neighborhoods, the service of a general practitioner may be more welcome than in others, but in some cases, there may be a lack of more specialized services. Another important point concerns the environment: do you have your parking lot, or is there at least one parking lot nearby? Is the location easily accessible? Is there accessibility (wheelchair ramps, for example)? Analyze all this carefully.

To make your final decision on new dental office construction, you can make a balance with the information collected in the locations where you intend to open your office. For example, how many similar clinics or offices don’t work anymore that you choose or which quality of services you’re looking for will compete based on some points to be highlighted. Also, observe what difference your office offers compared to the existing ones in that region and how your future competitors carry out their marketing and dissemination strategies.

After choosing where your installations will be carried out, do not forget to go to the municipal administration of your city and register as self-employed, which is done by paying a fee where some documents will also be requested. In this sense, it is also necessary to register with the INSS and obtain the operating permit from the Sanitary Surveillance and Fire Department, register the establishment with a waste collection company, and obtain a radiometric report if X-ray equipment is used. Finally, we recommend you also look for information at the Regional Board of Dentistry in your city, as they can help you with any query or particularity related to your region.

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