Understanding the Cost Elements of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems in Security System Integration

The average price of installing firefighting systems and security system integration in your homes and spaces such as garages or industrial buildings usually ranges from $ 400 to more than $2500. In any case, we must not forget that each firefighting system will be planned according to the characteristics of the location, and the same protective equipment will not always be available – or necessary.

For example, the level of protection required by an industrial warehouse does not need to be the same as that of a house. Other issues also come into play, such as the property size, whether the space is open, etc. In this sense, the price of fire systems in apartments or houses could be around $300 for low end or $3,500 for high end and national average cost is $600.

Below, we have compiled some approximate values ​​for different common equipment in a firefighting system and commercial fire alarm system cost:


Component                                                    Price

Smoke detectors                                 $10 – $80

Fire Alarms systems                            $40 – $100

Fire Suppression systems                    $20  – $1000 each

Fire extinguishers                               $15 – $50 each

Fire sprinkler systems                         $1.30  – $2.00/sq. ft. installed

Anti-flame paint                                  $75 – $95 per gallon

fire door                                              $75 – $800

Most prices refer to equipment for installing conventional fire protection systems, i.e., the simplest. Prices may go up if you prefer technological or digital systems , which are more modern and have better features.

Once you decide which elements will make up your fire system, you must install them appropriately. The labor price for installing fire fighting systems starts at $3000 and can reach up to $100,000 thousand, depending on the contracted project. The most common thing is that smoke or heat detectors cost between $10 and $80, although those designed for technological fire systems can easily reach prices above this.

Sirens Or Alarms

It is not enough to detect smoke or flames; an alarm is needed to warn of these circumstances. Through an acoustic signal, the sirens warn people in the fire risk zone. Alarms normally cost $500 to $650, although this amount can be exceeded up to $5,000.

Combining the smoke or temperature detection system with manual button alarms is common. This way, there is no need to wait for the detector to activate; anyone can alert others through these devices.

Fire Alarm Center

The fire alarm center is the control location where the different parts of the fire system are connected (supervision of detectors, alarm activation, etc.). Of course, depending on whether they are designed for a technological or conventional system, their price will be higher or lower.

Conventional fire stations generally cost between $500 up to several thousand because it depends on the size and sophistication of the panel. In the case of devices for more modern systems, prices can easily exceed this margin. On the other hand, the number of zones that need to be controlled is another factor influencing the device’s price.